19 November, 2005

Leiden Book Fair review

A recent post introduced the Leiden Book Fair.
Once a year a Book Art Fair is held in the beautiful Pieterskerk in Leiden. Not only Private Presses and small publishers, but also bookbinders, papermakers and calligraphers present (and sell!) their work. Also materials and reference books are available, demonstrations are held, and there are special activities ('make your own book') for children. In 2005 the Boekkunstbeurs will be held on 19 and 20 november. Open from 10-17 on saturday, and 11-17 on sunday.
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We didnt know what to expect, but it looked pretty much as you see in the pictures.

The church interior itself was worthy of the visit. It is in the heart of Leiden and was the homeplace of the Mayfair pilgrims immediately before their journey to the new world.

Kaart uit 1600 / Map of 1600

more pilgrim history in leiden

Pieterskerk Leiden, Saturday 23 July 2005 - within the framework of 399 the ste anniversary of the master painter Rembrandt of rijn born in Leiden in the lanelane lane the night watch was put down in live lijve in Leiden. Thousands of tourists could the festival in Leiden experience as a voorproefje on the brake burning year that already as from and will last up to the same day next year starts 15 December 2005. 15 July is official anniversary date is. Leiden on the card it will be well put and are transformed up to 17de centuries schouwspel with observers. The municipality Leiden puts 1 ½ million euro and thereby is there still a number sponsors of which the hoofdsponsor Centocor are. Also a squaresquare lane square art task is made possible. The photograph was made for the Court close the Pieterskerk. Complete week end lasted the festival and the city a sparkling matter where was toneelstukjes intensified and many had been changed in costumes from that time by the city ran. In museum the Laeken hall comes three tentoonstellingen concerning the artist. Information on www.rembrandt400.nl we look at now already rijkhalzend from to Rembrandt 400 years!! Original translated by babelfish.


At the book fair were stalls on paper and papermaking with demonstrations in both papermaking and marbleling techniques. There were all kinds of bookbinding materials from fonts to leather and even very old paper which I surmised might be useful to the forger of antique prints. Not as much printmaking as I was expecting [ex libris was popular] but certainly some outstanding book work on display. If you are into this type of thing then its worth noting this event in your diary.

One of the stall holders was the miller from The Schoolmeester.
Zaan Windmill Society

De Schoolmeester and its 60 meters long drying shed
De Schoolmeester and its 60 meters long drying shed

Apparently this papermill is the only remaining wind-powered papermill in operation and it still produces ragpaper from textile waste that is suitable for use as etching paper. For enquiries email: deschoolmeeter AT hetnet.nl

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