23 July, 2009

Art & Austerity - ArtReview

ArtReview’s J.J. Charlesworth leads a discussion about art in the age of austerity with 2008 Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey and Museum für Gegenwartskunst curator Nikola Dietrich. The event took place in the context of the Art Lobby series of Artist Talks at Art Basel 40 in June.


22 July, 2009

Naval & Military Club Collection

Harold Septimus Power
First Australian Division Artillery Going Into The Third Battle Of Ypres , 1917-1919
oil on canvas
45 x 91 cm

The online auction catalogue is here

21 July, 2009

Franck Gohier

Franck Gohier, "Target",
opening at Ray Hughes Gallery
this Friday 24th July, 6-8pm

Franck Gohier’s newest series, Target, directs his attention toward a new set of targets – the economy, environment and the NT intervention among them – with characteristic humour. Pop culture references, classic cartoon illustration and razor-sharp wit are the bullets in his gun.
“In my studio I appropriate the first comic book image I see that speaks to me. I then paint about the first subject that the image suggests on an instinctive level ......and so the painting develops. Chance and necessity......the rest is fine tuning.”


Franck is obviously a fan of both "Space invader" and "Faile" street artists. (see blakkbyrd blog for more info)

Perth Museum Cutbacks

From the ABC

Museum closures 'don't equal dullsville'

Posted Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:14pm AEST

The Arts and Culture Minister, John Day, says Perth is not one step closer to becoming 'dullsville', despite an announcement its museums will close for one day each week.

Seven museums around WA will close on Wednesdays from August, in an effort to meet the Government's 3 per cent efficiency targets.

It will save the sector an estimated $350,000-a-year.

Mr Day says while the opening hours are being stripped back, the Government is focused on providing the city with new facilities.

"We are actually putting a lot of effort and quite a large amount of funds into producing better cultural facilities around Perth," he said.

"We are putting quite a lot of effort into upgrading cultural facilities and one of the ways of managing the situation is simply to change the opening hours on a trial basis."

He says about $13 million has been set aside.

"In this year's Budget to commence the planning for a major new museum facility and also to bring down the old asbestos-ridden building on the main Perth museum site," he said.


20 July, 2009

The Dish - Moon Landing Film


The movie is a comedy based on Australia's role in the Apollo 11 Mission in July 1969

Film Playlist


"The Dish": Fact versus Fiction — a quick comparison


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Editorial - New Premises

Dear Readers

We are pleased to announce that we are relocating to new 'real world' premises in the near future. Whilst an initial settling in period is expected, we hope that normal services will resume in due course. It is semester break and we expect that all will be back to normal in time for the new academic sessions.

Thanks for your patience


14 July, 2009

The Ashes


Australian satirical television program from the ABC, The Chaser's War On Everything, where nothing is sacred, in this case, the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) and their refusal to allow The Ashes trophy to be handed to Australia, regardless of how many times we win.

"I hope the security's got better defences than your batsmen."

more on the origins of the ashes

01 July, 2009

George Collingridge

As an historian he is best known today for his early assertions of Portuguese discovery of Australia in the 16th century.




George COLLINGRIDGE (1847-1931)


see also

James COOK (1728-1779)

Beyond Capricorn

Trickett argues the remarkable claim that in the year 1522 – a century before the Dutch and 250 years before Captain Cook - the Portuguese sailed past Fraser Island and into Botany Bay, around Wilson’s Promontory, and as far as Kangaroo Island before returning to their base in Malacca via the North Island of New Zealand.Drawing from primary and secondary historical sources, archaeological evidence and stories handed down through Aboriginal oral tradition, Peter Trickett tells a story of espionage, revenge and secret voyages made by the Portuguese to corner the fabulously rich spice trade in the east and find the islands of gold alluded to by Marco Polo.

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The Vallard Atlas