04 November, 2005

john cage

build a fire on the press bed, er right john......

VARIATIONS recall the Fire monoprints of 1985. 17 out of 88 possible types of etching paper were selected using chance operations, and each was torn into eight sections.

A fire was built on the press bed, and as the damp paper was turned through the press the flames were extinguished, creating a golden brown tonal field on each sheet that expresses the essence of burning, smoldering and scorching.

variations III
The printers set aflame a wad of newspapers and then placed dampened paper on the fire to extinguish it. The smoke and occasional burn marks is recorded differently on each sheet.

where there is where there
Twelve large etching plates were held over asphaltum-treated flames for a longer period of time. All 12 plates were printed on every image in the series, and each plate was inked with one of seventeen earth colors.

The Eninka prints were created by igniting a chance-determined number of newspaper sheets, then laying a piece of Japanese Gampi paper on top and running it through the press.The burned Gampi was then mounted to a piece of handmade paper.

crown point press

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