01 November, 2005


Image 1: One wheel on my monochromobile (red and green versions). Artist: David Batchelor. Image 2: Sanctuary 2001. Artist:Dan Hays.

Multiplication is a touring exhibition of 62 multiples by 46 artists. The term ‘multiple’ was first used in the 1960s to describe an artwork that was neither a print nor an editioned cast sculpture but was still intended to be produced in a large number of copies. The works in Multiplication are united only by their lack of uniqueness: their number, medium, subject and value vary, to show us a range of the most fresh and exciting artists’ multiples in Britain today.

The exhibition was launched in November 2001 at the National Museum of Art in Bucharest, Romania and toured to Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic during 2002. As the exhibition travels from one country to the next, the Multiplication website: http:// www.multiplication.co.uk is updated to include installation views at each venue and further details of the exhibition. More recent venues include:


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