25 September, 2010

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PortugalArte10 is the first in a series of biannual exhibitions in Portugal that will explore the latest trends in the global art community. For one month Lisbon, Grândola, Portimão and Vila Real de Santo António will be at the center of the visual arts, as PortugalArte10 presents major works from the leading international contemporary artists of our time. PortugalArte10 is distinctive for its focus on the following areas: commissioned public sculpture projects, single artist surveys, curated group exhibitions and site-specific installations addressing themes related to contemporary life.


A survey of contemporary art
Jul - Aug 2010



http://www.vernissage.tv | Portugal Arte 10 is a new biennial show of contemporary art in Lisbon. In this video, we have a look at the exhibitions at the Pavilion of Portugal and Artistic Director Stefan Simchowitz talks about the concept of the show.
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Contemporary Chinese Art History

The History of Chinese Contemporary Art
Melissa Chiu
Museum Director, Asia Society

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Chinese art, before and after Tiananmen
November 2007

Arts and Disability Conference

Arts Activated National Conference 2010

Arts - Access - Excellence
25 - 26 March 2010
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
500 Harris Street Ultimo

The second Arts Activated National Conference bought together leading thinkers, artists, advocates, practitioners and producers from across Australia and overseas, to create dialogue about and showcase examples of excellence in arts and disability.

Over 350 delegates from the arts and disability sectors attended the conference, to debate, network, learn and be stimulated over two days. The program included 80 speakers, 40 breakout sessions, four performance showcases, a pre-conference dance masterclass and an international Keynote speaker.

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7th Australian Print Symposium

The seventh Australian Print Symposium

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 15–17 October 2010

Materiality will explore prints and printmaking though notions of physicality, concreteness, corporality, palpability, reality and experience.

The speakers

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17 September, 2010

Xu Bing

Book from the Sky

Xu Bing: My formal training as an artist was in printmaking, this is why so many of my works are related to printing. In fact, the printing process is the exact opposite of the sculpting process. Printmaking is about taking a material with elevations and recesses and printing from it so that a three-dimensional form is transposed into a two-dimensional form. It is true that the process by which an artist prepares/carves the material to be transformed into a print contains elements of sculpture; but in printmaking this constitutes the mid-point rather than the end-point. Still, your observation is interesting--that this preparatory stage of print-block carving could be seen as related to early sculptural art.

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Mahjong list of artists

15 September, 2010

08 September, 2010

Debate - Art Market Ethics


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From Intelligence Squared

Edward Dolman on the art market

Edward Dolman on the art market - The Economist interviews the head of Christie's on new collectors and old artworks. November 2009