03 November, 2005

Rembrandt events

The Rembrandt House Museum, Amsterdam
December 17, 2005 through March 12, 2006

The Society of Painters-Etchers was founded in London in 1880. Thanks to its efforts English etching enjoyed a golden age around the turn of the century. This development would have been inconceivable without the influence of Rembrandt’s graphic work. The exhibition will feature around 100 etchings by celebrated English artists like Francis Seymour Haden, James Abbot McNeil Whistler and David Young Cameron alongside etchings by Rembrandt from the collection of the Rembrandt House Museum. By bringing these artists’ prints face to face with Rembrandt’s work this exhibition will show how they assimilated and interpreted Rembrandt’s ideas, and how they struck out on new paths of their own.

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Scheltema Complex, Leiden
December 15 2005 through January 2007

In Rembrandt Year 2006 the city of Leiden will welcome visitors in a special Rembrandt Visitor’s Centre. This center is situated in the Scheltema Complex, right next to Museum De Lakenhal. Visitors will be able to obtain information on the young Rembrandt and all Rembrandt activities from this center. The center will remain open after 2006. Picture postcards and brochures, books and audio-visual items will be available. The Visitor’s Centre is an excellent point of departure for a journey of discovery through Leiden, the city in which Rembrandt van Rijn was born.

The Prophetess Anna (known as 'Rembrandt's Mother')

Municipal Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden
December 16, 2005 through March 19, 2006

The exhibition Rembrandt’s Mother, Myth and Reality explores the mystery around the old woman reading the Bible. Rembrandt has portrayed this woman tenderly more than once. As early as the 17th century she was thought to be Rembrandt’s mother, miller's wife Neeltje van Zuydtbroeck. But is she really his mother? After all, both Rembrandt’s friend Jan Lievens and his apprentice Gerrit Dou portrayed the same woman in some of their paintings.

Myth or reality
During the 19th century a veritable myth was created around Rembrandt’s family. Scientists identified numerous figures in his work as his father, mother, sister Liesbeth or uncle Adriaan. Myth or reality? This is the issue that this exhibition addresses

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The Rembrandt House Museum, Amsterdam
July 8 through September 3, 2006

Rembrandt was one of the greatest graphical talents of all time. His contemporaries already admired him for his free drawing technique, his dramatic clair obscure and his daring etching experiments. Until today his etchings have been a source of inspiration for various famous artists, such as Goya and Picasso. Rembrandt has made some 290 etchings altogether. Museum The Rembrandt House owns one of the world’s main collections of Rembrandt etchings. This exposition presents this collection in a fully renovated, thematic lay-out.

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