22 February, 2010

Comedy: at the museum

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore (At the art gallery)


Cook and Moore discuss finer points of the arts. Still funny.

21 February, 2010

Islamic Architecture and Arts

Paradise Found: A Documentary on Islamic Architecture and Art

We imagine many things when we think of this word. However, we do not think about Islamic Architecture, which influenced the art of Europe so profoundly. This documentary tours through the Muslim world, in search of that "atmosphere of Paradise," hidden away in mosques and palaces.


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14 February, 2010

13 February, 2010

Kevin Haas

"We here at the Working Proof offices talk with Washington State University's Kevin Haas. We begin with how he started with printmaking and how photography worked its way into his industrialized urban landscapes, talk about the nature of critical discourse in printmaking, and end on printmaking in the northwest."

Direct download: kevinhaas.mp3
Visit Kevin online at http://www.kevinhaas.com/.

Authentic Experience:
Multiplicity and Dislocation in Printmaking
and Contemporary Culture

A presentation for the 2009 IMPACT Conference by Kevin Haas

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