18 June, 2009

VROOM! - Paris

In this video, David Rosenberg talks about the concept of the exhibition, the connection between comics and contemporary art, and depicts this link between the two art genres based on visual elements such as the speech bubbles (used for example by Rivane Neuenschwander or Sammy Engramer). The exhibition has been commissioned by David Rosenberg and Pierre Sterckx.



VROOM ! Comics and contemporary art

Until September 27, 2009

la maison rouge
10 bd de la bastille
75012 Paris, france


Little Nemo, Yellow Kid, Tintin, Blake and Mortimer, Mickey, Superman, Asterix, Blueberry, Astro Boy, Le Chat… The characters and heroes which the great comic-strip authors have brought to life have done more than just delight millions of readers around the world; they have also influenced artists such as Erró, Takashi Murakami, Wim Delvoye, Bertrand Lavier, Alain Séchas, Wang Du and Gilles Barbier.

VROOM! presents some of the rarest and funniest strips – two hundred in all - face to face with some fifty contemporary artworks (wall paintings, installations, etc.).

17 June, 2009

Peter Dombrovskis - NLA

The Library has purchased a stunning collection of over 3000 Peter Dombrovskis transparencies, which arrived in early June.

The Pictures Collection was the happy beneficiary of the winding down of the wilderness publishing activities of Liz Dombrovskis, widow of renowned wilderness photographer Peter Dombrovskis. The transparencies are a significant record of the role of wilderness photography in conservation campaigns.

In 1982, Dombrovskis' photograph Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River, was used as the visual spearhead of the successful campaign against the construction of the Franklin Dam in Tasmania.

NLA Catalogue

11 June, 2009


A cobra is indeed a dangerous snake, but here the word Cobra is derived from the French names of the cities of Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. The artists who founded the CoBrA group during a major international conference held in Paris in 1948 came from these three European capitals. A curled snake became the symbol of the movement.

It was in the Paris café Notre Dame that Asger Jorn (from Copenhagen), Joseph Noiret and Christian Dotremont (from Brussels) and Constant, Corneille and Karel Appel (from Amsterdam) signed the manifesto 'La Cause était entendue’ (The Case was Heard). This manifesto, drawn up by Dotremont, was a response to a statement by the French Surrealists entitled 'La Cause est entendue' (The Case is Heard). In it Dotremont makes it clear they are no longer in agreement with the French artists. The CoBrA painters wanted to break new ground, preferring to work spontaneously and with the emphasis more on fantastic imagery. In 1951 the CoBrA movement was officially disbanded, yet during its short existence CoBrA rejuvenated Dutch modern art.

Cobra Museum


Intensely Dutch - AGNSW

Intensely Dutch Image, abstraction and the word, post-war and beyond

This exhibition presents the work of some of the most important post-war Dutch artists, including those associated with CoBrA and art informel, and those who preceded them, such as Willem de Kooning. Works have been borrowed from Dutch museums, augmented with loans from Australian galleries, the Pompidou, Paris, and private collections in the Netherlands and Australia.

film screenings

The animation "Father and Daughter" was blogged on Bellebyrd in 2008

Dukok de Wit


The exhibition is an examination of Dutch Cobra and followers plus whatever they could find that was remotely connected from Australian collections. It doesn't give an accurate picture of contemporary Dutch art as I experienced it in Amsterdam and the Netherlands in the past five years.

The Dutch films disregard the work of director Theo Van Gogh (descendent of the other Theo Van Gogh) who was a leading figure in Dutch cinema and politics until he was assasinated for his views in 2004.


Submission - the film

The film's title is a direct translation of the word "Islam". The film suggests the mistreatment of women born to Muslim families. The film was shown on the Dutch public broadcasting network (VPRO) on August 29, 2004. It portrays a Muslim woman as having been beaten and raped by a relative. The bodies are used in the film as a canvas for verses from the Qur'an

09 June, 2009

sfmoma - videos

Founded in 1935, SFMOMA was the first museum on the West Coast devoted to modern and contemporary art. From the outset, the museum has championed the most innovative and challenging art of its time, and we continue to exhibit and collect work by both modern masters and younger, less-established artists.


05 June, 2009

elles@centrepompidou - paris

For the first time in the world, a museum will be displaying the feminine side of its own collections. This new presentation of the Centre Pompidou's collections will be entirely given over to the women artists from the 20th century to the present day.

elles@centrepompidou is the third thematic exhibition of the Centre Pompidou's collections, following Big Bang in 2005 and the Mouvement des Images (Image Movements) in 2006-2007.

This will be the occasion for the institution, which has built up the very first collection of modern and contemporary art, to show its commitment to women artists, nationality and discipline taken together, and place them at the core of modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Key figures such as Sonia Delaunay, Frida Kahlo, Dorothea Tanning, Joan Mitchell and Maria-Elena Vieira da Silva rub shoulders with today's great female creators some of whom, including Sophie Calle, Annette Messager and Louise Bourgeois have been featured recently in monographic exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou.

The programming cuts across disciplines to take a deeper look at the place occupied by women in the culture of the last century, from literature to history of thought, from dance to cinema.

full info

the website

Joy Hester and Friends

This exhibition seeks to bring Joy Hester's remarkable contribution to Australian Art to the fore. Hester's art will be shown in relation to works by other artists who were in close contact with her in the 1940s and 1950s including Albert Tucker, Danila Vassilieff, Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd, Gray Smith, Mirka Mora and Charles Blackman. The show will also include photographs and other documentary material to reveal her friendships with John and Sunday Reed, Barbara Blackman, Barrett Reid and others.


Blurb at Picnic 08

Eileen Gittens, founder and CEO of Blurb, has built a creative publishing platform that makes it easy for anyone to design, publish, share and sell real, bookstore-quality books


This is from the video archive of Picnic 08.

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04 June, 2009

New Museum Brandhorst - Munich

http://www.vernissage.tv | With the opening of the Museum Brandhorst in Munich's "Kunstareal", the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen gain an institution with an impressive collection of works of modern and contemporary art. The Museum Brandhorst is the new home of the Udo and Anette Brandhorst Collection.



Berlin is poor but sexy and the Ruhr Area is already the designated cultural capital for 2010. So where does that leave Munich? Well,the Bavarian capital has landed a giant coup with the opening of the Brandhorst Museum and its record in classical music isn't exactly shabby either. ARTS.21 watches as the Bavarian city struts across the cultural stage.



A trip to the brandnew museum Brandhorst in Munich. Excellent masterpieces from Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, Bruce Nauman and many other great artists. A very stilish modern art gallery.



Banksy Prints NY

The secretive graffiti artist attracts collectors like Madonna and Brad Pitt, who pay huge sums for his work. Thousands showed up for his first show in New York.

winter 2007