27 November, 2005

Gosia Wlodarczak


David Bromfield
NOW (Gosia Wlodarczak, drawing 1986 - 2004)
Brown Art 96pp, $38.85

NOW is a place, the place to be, NOW.

David Bromfield's NOW is a study of the work of Gosia Wlodarczak in the context of Australian and International art over the last century. Bromfield demonstrates that her working strategy is NOW, a brilliant attempt to remain in the absolute present, together with her work. This, he argues, has long been the unacknowledged goal of art and artists from impressionism to the present day.

NOW the new millennium with its cult of false irony, debased scandal, second-degree references, careerism, and passive production, to order has reduced the experience of contemporary art to a sophisticated shopping ritual for those with too much cultural capital to spend. This has produced a CRISIS OF PRESENCE that pervades all art NOW. Gosia Wlodarczak's unique drawing and performance is NOW the most vivacious, refreshing, response to this crisis. Every work she makes adds to the substance of NOW her continuous present. Bromfield shows how she developed her approach though an analysis of her work over two decades

The artist has collaborated with the author to design a book that is itself intensely beautiful, a discreet side entrance to NOW. Forget the Future--Dismantle the Past We need art NOW.

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