05 November, 2005

Jérôme Fortin

Jérôme Fortin, Tondo no. VII, Collagraphie, 2003, 75 x 56cm, edition of 10

Tondos, the first series of prints ever made by Jérôme Fortin, was exhibited in Montreal at the gallery Pierre-François Ouellette, from February 18 to March 13, 2004. The series of prints presented was developed during a residency in the Spring 2003 at the Ateliers Graff. Inspired by his previous body of work Seascapes/Marines, these prints are collographs made from bands of shredded paper.

This form of printing uses materials that are arranged in a collage form. Through the repetition of gestures involving folding, the motifs that emerge remind some times rosettes and at other times the agitated surface of the sea. The gallery is presenting the entire series of prints, each published in an edition of 10. We are pleased to announce that the first two prints of the series, Tondo I and II, have been acquired by the National Library of Quebec for their permanent collections of print.

For more information on Jérôme Fortin, consult his extensive personal website.

En état de ciel (detail)

With his sculpture-installations, Jérôme Fortin combines his work with cabinets of curiosities — the 17th century's private museums — and the 20th and 21st centuries' practice of mass consumption. Corks, plastic bottles, books, matches, nails, and tin cans are cunningly handled and assembled in several series of visual curiosities. Their colours, forms, textures, and volumes suggest the flowers, seashells, jewelry, and amulets once collected by the curious for their exotic flavour. The poetic, mysterious allure of Fortin's sculptures sets aside the usual aspect of everyday objects so as to exalt in our contemporary gaze.
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The pain-killers objects and prosaic which populate the daily environment of Jerome Fortin constitute at the same time the reason and the raw material of its work of creation. Collected and deprived of their direction first, these objects are of wood, paperboard, metal, ceramics... They are handled and evacuate the commonplaces which usually afflict them.In the space of the small gallery, the artist presents reasons, studies and various ornamentations which are carried out starting from pain-killers objects such as matches, ends of cords, pieces of rubber and capsules of beer bottles.Joining together a whole of sculptures to the eclipsed commun run, these fabliers are as many invitations to the poetic slip.

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