19 November, 2005

art & language

Blurting in A & L is a printed booklet whose content is a dictionary with blurts or »annotations«. The annotations were written by american members of Art & Language Ian Burn, Michael Corris, Preston Heller, Joseph Kosuth, Andrew Menard, Mel Ramsden and Terry Smith between january and july 1973.
In 1963/64, Ian Burn (1939-1993) and Mel Ramsden (b. England, 1944) meet for the first time in Melbourne, Australia. At the end of 1964, Ramsden moves to London, Burn later in 1965. In 1966, Burn and Ramsden work together for the first time in »Soft-Tape«.3 In 1967, both move to New York, Burn in July and Ramsden in October.
Together with Roger Cutforth (1944-), Burn and Ramsden found the »Society for Theoretical Art and Analysis«. From 1969 to 1970, its »Proceedings«4 discuss questions of how the status of art can be defined without recourse to form and object properties.
In May 1969, the first issue of »Art-Language« magazine is published with texts by Atkinson, Bainbridge, and Baldwin, as well as Dan Graham, Sol LeWitt, and Lawrence Weiner. In April 1969, Galerist Seth Siegelaub shows a copy of this edition to Ian Burn in New York. Beginning with the second issue (February 1970), »Art-Language« also publishes texts of the New York artists and authors Burn and Ramsden.

Ian Burn's article »Conceptual Art as Art« was published in 1970 in »Art and Australia« and gave an early overview of Conceptual Art:

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