05 November, 2005

olavi lanu

at ANU

CV (english)

The Lanu Park
Olavi Lanu's statues are made on reinforced concrete, and they are colour impregnated. The statues portray subjects typical of Lanu: human beings hugging and kissing each other, or pieces of nature like a boulder, a willow, or a twisted tree. The enormous size of the statues creates an uncanny feeling in the visitor who walks along the winding footpaths. In other respects, however, Olavi Lanu wants his statues to merge with nature. This is, indeed, what happens, especially in the summer, when they are half-covered with foliage from the luxuriant vegetation surrounding them. Again in the winter, when they are covered with snow, they become part of the wintry landscape.


Olavi Lanu: "Keko" keskiyön valossa


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