27 November, 2005

bookmarks exchange 2005

From estampe.be (it's a pdf, I HATE pdf)

Third edition of this exchange of engraving based only on the size of the bookmark. During Bookmarks 2003, 135 artists took part in the project, coming from 27 countries.

Here are the conditions for the participation. For the good organisation of this exchange, please respect them.

Deadline : 31 December 2005

Principle : you send 11 identical bookmarks (paged and signed), the participation form filled in and a participation for the expenditure costs. By return, you’ll receive 10 bookmarks of different origins, the eleventh is kept by estampe.be. It will be scanned and exhibited on the web till 31 December 2006 at least. (a C.V. may be joined with the bookmark – as far as it is sent by e-mail).

The bookmark :
the size only is imposed : 5cm x 20 cm. No matter the theme or the type of paper.
Technique : all the techniques of printed images are accepted (as well as the printed digital image), as far as the eleven bookmarks are identical.

Are forbidden photographies and virtual digital images.

Bookmarks 2005 webpage

There are pages and pages of excellent prints on the Estampe.be website. It comes out of Belgium.



.... thank you for the reference about the bookmarks exchange

I know .pdf files are not as friendly as it should be but it's a
practical way to have forms and document with the design you want.
Well, the rules are in html on the website.

I don't write often on Printaustralia, difficulties to write easily
in english, but I read most of the post.
Lots of informations

Hugues Przysiuda

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