28 September, 2011

Frieze Art Fair 2011

13–16 October 2011

Frieze Art Fair takes place every October in Regent’s Park, London. The fair showcases new and established artists to an international audience.

Frieze Art Fair features over 170 galleries from around the world, providing a unique opportunity to see and buy work by leading artists.

Google, Books & Copyright

On September 12 this year, the Authors Guild in the USA, the Australian Society of Authors, the Quebec Union of Writers and a number of individual authors filed suit against a partnership of five American universities and research libraries (the same universities involved in the Google Books case), over what the plaintiffs described as “one of the largest copyright infringements in history”. [1]

According to the Complaint [2]: “The Universities have directly caused millions of works that are protected by copyright holders to be scanned, stored in digital format, repeatedly copied and made available online for various uses. These actions not only violate the exclusive rights of copyright holders…but, by creating at least two databases connected to the Internet that store millions of digital copies of copyrighted books, the Universities risk the widespread, unauthorised and irreparable dissemination of these works.”

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26 September, 2011

The Magnificent Medici

- Lorenzo de' Medici becomes a driving force of the Renaissance; monk Savonarola promotes fundamentalist purification of Florence after the death of Lorenzo de' Medici.

24 September, 2011

UK Gallery Guide

New Exhibitions of Contemporary Art is the UK’s most widely used art resource. The website is continuously updated to ensure accurate and timely information. Over 25,000 copies per issue of New Exhibitions' bi-monthly print edition are distributed through hundreds of art venues and by subscription.


Art History Conferences


23 September, 2011

Egon Schiele - Nazi Looted

As with every smart collector, Leopold relied on his own aesthetic instincts and obtained Schiele and other early twentieth-century Austrian artists whilst the prices were low.

In 1955 Leopold, now working in Vienna as a professor of ophthalmology, proceeded to enhance the art historical reputation and hence the value of his collection by curating a highly successful touring exhibition to the more progressive art hubs of Eindhoven and Amsterdam. This was followed in the 1960s by transatlantic validation of the collection, with shows in both London and New York, and Vienna itself finally succumbing to the growing fame of their own native modern artists by exhibiting Leopold’s collection in 1968. In 1972-1973 Leopold followed up the travelling shows by producing an influential monography on Schiele in both German and English editions (published by Phaidon): this brought further widespread exposure to both the artist and the collection. The rise to fame of Egon Schiele was due in the main to Leopold’s collecting strategies.

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