30 July, 2006

Sacred Tree - Bulgaria

October 2000

Sacred Tree Print Exchange: "From Myth to Interpretation"

Contributed and organized by member Arafat Al-Naim

In the city of Veliko Turnovo Municipality Art Gallery, Bulgaria and as a part of The International Ecofestival Veliko Turnovo 2000

The Sacred Tree Print Exchange Exhibition will take place from the 6th to 29th of October.

The Australian artist printmaker J Severn was the initiator of this idea. The exhibition will showcase the print works of 26 artists from 4 continents that shared with each other different myths and interpretations of this theme.

The exhibited works explore the richness of printmaking in different countries. This exhibition comes to emphasize print exchanging forms and to expand traditional means of creativity, exchanging experience, information, and art works between printmaking artists from different parts of the world.

Diana Draganova, art critic, historian and expert of contemporary art from the National Art Gallery Sofia, is going to introduce the exhibition. Draganova said that transmitting myths from one culture to another and artists meeting in this exhibition is a kind of dialogue and varied personal interpretation in spite of differences.

A catalogue including the exhibited print works is going to be printed and sent to cultural institutions around the world.



June 7th - September 27th
111 days Festival of Contemporary World Printmaking Art

Information & Images about

Accepted Artists & Works
Exhibition View by Opening Reception
Visiting Artists
Jury Members
Prize Winners


With my best wishes from Sofia.

Yours Georgi

28 July, 2006

Joshua Bernstein - Israel

Situated unexpectedly in the middle of the Israeli desert are the works of Joshua Bernstein. Born in Israel in 1923 and a founding member of Mashabei Sadeh, a kibbutz located in the Negev, Joshua is better known in his community as Gandi. Formally trained, Gandi taught art for many years in the kibbutz. Today, Gandi continues to sculpt,


27 July, 2006

Long Live Sculpture - antwerp

Patricia Piccinini

The Middelheim Museum presents
Long Live Sculpture!
Until September 3rd 2006

Middelheim Museum
Middelheimlaan 61
B-2020 Antwerp
Tel. 0032 3 827 15 34

Opening hours:
August: 10h – 20h
June and July: 10 – 21h
September: 10h –19h

Closed on Mondays (open on Pentecost Monday 5/6)

The Middelheim Museum in Antwerp presents the group exhibition Long Live Sculpture!. Eleven national and international artists give a current interpretation of the sculptural discipline.

Lately, things have been moving in the realm of sculpture. For a while, it seemed banished from the museum to the public space. Furthermore, it threatened to become unrecognisable, as practically all other artistic genres had three-dimensional ambitions: think of the spatial ways of presenting video-art or conceptual installations. But today it re-conquers its own unique identity. And it unmistakably claims its place next to painting and other means of expression as a discipline that might take on many forms, but nonetheless is very much alive. The Middelheim Museum wants to give this development the attention it deserves.

The participating artists were not only invited because they give sculpture an intriguing contemporary face. They were also asked to reflect on the theme of “consolation”. In response, some of them created a whole new piece, while for others it was part of what they had been doing for years.

Consolation is something we have all experienced. The artist deals with it in his own way, foremost weighing this question: does he choose to console his public, or will he deny them any consolation at all?

Long Live Sculpture! gathers a great variety among the artists. Some have worked with more traditional materials such as wood or bronze, others went to work with silicone and polyester. Nature was a source of inspiration, but so were comics and Hollywood movies. Some of the pieces are gigantic, others very small. Together, these works of art make a titillating exhibition.

Long Live Sculpture!
Until September 3rd
Middelheim Museum
Middelheimlaan 61
B-2020 Antwerp
Tel. 0032 3 827 15 34

Opening hours:
August: 10h – 20h
June and July: 10 – 21h
September: 10h –19h

ricky swall

severn - amsterdam

[detail ]

More info


kangaroo grass

'organ pipes'

details from Arapiles paintings
February 2006

cv [2003]

catalogue entry

Australian Print Collection

Australian Print Collection 2

self portraits

walking on water

Us Mob - Alice Springs

Presented by series creator and director David Vadiveloo. UsMob is Australia's first children's indigenous television series and is based on the adventures of kids from the Alice Springs town camp Hidden Valley. UsMob is also the world's first children's indigenous interactive website. http://www.usmob.com.au/.

This is Us Mob, a 7-part 'choose your own adventure' series set in the central desert of Australia!

We all live at Hidden Valley. Hidden Valley is one of the Town Camps of Alice Springs.

With Us Mob, you can follow central Australian Aboriginal teenagers Charlie, Della, Harry and Jacquita as they head off on journeys full of fun, excitement and crisis.

You can also interact with the world of Charlie, Della, Harry and Jacquita by choosing the story endings, playing games, activating video and text diaries, forums and uploading your own stories.

We really want you to be a part of our community at Us Mob. So come on, get a permit and get the first episode now!

When you join UsMob, we'll take you on a 7 week adventure. That means you can watch a new film and explore new things online every week.

We'll even email you when our new film is ready just in case you forget to come back.

Click here to launch the Us Mob website.

Everyone who wants to play with us on the Us Mob website needs a permit. It's the same as if you came to Alice Springs and wanted to visit me and my family, you'd have to get a permit to come onto the Town Camp. Once you have a permit you can visit us at any time to chat, play games, learn about Aboriginal life and share stories.

We love going out bush and we really want to show you what it's like in Central Australia. We'll email you whenever we add a new story to the website. We really want you to add your stories to the website cos we'd love to learn about your life too.

Before you enter UsMob, please make sure you have the latest FLASH plugin, this can download from here.

For the best experience, we strongly recommend that you don't run any other applications when using UsMob as these other applications will make UsMob run slower.

If you've got any other questions about what Us Mob is, you should email us, community@usmob.com.au.

See you!

Charlie, Della, Harry and Jacquita

watch trailer

26 July, 2006

Australian art - 2007 Venice Biennale

Newly commissioned projects by three artists - Susan Norrie, Daniel von Sturmer and Callum Morton - will highlight the diversity and depth of contemporary Australian art practice at the 2007 Venice Biennale.

John Kaldor AM

The Australia Council for the Arts today announced that Susan Norrie (NSW), Daniel von Sturmer (VIC) and Callum Morton (VIC) had been chosen to represent Australia at the 2007 Venice Biennale, from June to November next year.

Australian Commissioner John Kaldor said: 'My aim for the next Biennale is to show the richness and diversity of Australian contemporary art. Norrie, von Sturmer and Morton have each established a strong reputation as innovative artists at the forefront of our visual arts practice.'

The three artists will exhibit in three different spaces at the Biennale: von Sturmer will be in the Australian Pavilion, and Norrie and Morton will show at other venues around Venice.

'I believe that the selection of three artists represents an important extension of Australia’s presence into spaces beyond the Pavilion, engaging the international art world with the broad scope of Australian art today,' Mr Kaldor added.

Susan Norrie will present a video installation that explores pervasive geopolitical issues of a planet in turmoil. The work will be experiential, physically immersing audiences and transporting them to precautionary tales of an uncertain future. Norrie said: 'I feel an enormous responsibility to document the truths of our experiences, not just simply erase history and support a collective amnesia.'

Norrie will participate in the Busan Biennale South Korea in September 2006 and has exhibited at Art Tower Mito, Japan 2004; Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin 2003; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, 1992; KIASMA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Finland 2001; Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, UK 1999; and Solomon R.Guggenheim, New York, 1984/87.

Daniel von Sturmer will continue his 'experiments with space', through video installations and architectural interventions especially designed for the Australian Pavilion. These new works will test how it is we see what we see. von Sturmer said: 'the unique spaces of the Pavilion will be brought into play in the new work, where video sequences will confound viewers’ sense of space, scale and orientation'.

Recent shows include: Centre for Non Objective Art, Belgium 2006; Dunedin Public Art Gallery, New Zealand, 2005; Auckland Art Gallery, NZ, 2004; Hamburger Bahnhof, Germany, 2003; Hamburg Kunsthaus, Germany, 2003; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Spain, 2002

Callum Morton is known for his large-scale, architecturally inspired installations: Stonewash transformed the exterior of a ruined building in Istanbul with a pristine Levis shop-front, and Babylonia, a craggy floating island revealed a luxury-hotel corridor, an inspired fusion of James Bond, The Shining and Disneyland. Morton commented: 'the unique characteristics of both the city of Venice and the Biennale event itself will provide a rich context for my new work.'

Callum Morton won a Gold Medal representing Australia at Triennale India in 2004 and will also show at the Busan Biennale South Korea in 2006. Recent shows include: Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Poland and Contemporary Art Centre, Lithuania in 2006; 2nd Istanbul Pedestrians Exhibition, Turkey, 2005; 2nd Auckland Triennial, New Zealand, 2004; Hamburger Bahnhof, Germany 2003; Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Italy, 2003; and Santa Monica Museum of Art, USA 1999.

Australia Council for the Arts CEO Jennifer Bott said: 'the Australia Council is pleased to be able to commission and showcase new work by three exceptional artists, each at different stages of their careers, in this most prestigious international context.'

'The Venice Biennale is a strategic opportunity for Norrie, von Sturmer and Morton to build on their international profiles, further explore their ideas and extend the range of their work.'

There were 57 applications for Australian participation in the 2007 Venice Biennale. Norrie, von Sturmer and Morton were chosen by a panel comprising Lesley Alway, Chair, Australia Council Visual Arts Board; Juliana Engberg, Artistic Director, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art; Rachel Kent, Senior Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art; and Australian Commissioner John Kaldor.

Established in 1895, the Venice Biennale is the world's most important critical forum for contemporary visual art. The Australia Council has managed and funded Australian representation for more than 25 years. Previous Australian representatives include Judy Watson, Howard Arkley, Patricia Piccinini and Ricky Swallow.


world cup - rove

Germany guide

Australia v Croatia

25 July, 2006

Flora Parrott - canberra

Flora Parrott has recently completed her residency at Megalo.

During her time here she researched the 'mend and make do' campaign on the British and Australian home fronts during World War II.

During the WWII clothes rationing and lack of supply made it very difficult to get hold of silk stockings. Flora made a parachute, inspired by silk stockings, from sections of silk, printed with images, both hand drawn and photographic etching

As an arts development organisation Megalo offers a limited number of fully subsidised places within its Artists Access Support Scheme. The scheme includes the Megalo Printmaker in Residency program that provides up to five artists with unlimited workshop access and a stipend of $2,000 over a period of four to six weeks. The program is advertised nationally with one place being offered to an artist from interstate or overseas.

Crossflows - Edinburgh

1st - 27th August 2006
12- 6pm daily
EVENTS & WORKSHOPS: see below for details

1D Patriothall
Off Hamilton Place
Stockbridge Edinburgh EH3 5AY

Affiliated with Edinburgh Art Festival 'Crossflows' is the name of a travelling exhibition that brings together several artist printmakers of differing backgrounds, who have studied and experimented over the past decade with traditional Japanese woodblock techniques both in Japan, on scholarships, and elsewhere.

The name 'Crossflows' suggests an interchange and exchange of ideas and techniques from East to West and vice versa.
In 'Crossflows', various artists show in their work, that, rather than strictly using the age-old disciplines to produce traditional imagery, they have incorporated their own personal artistic creativity and cultural origins to produce artwork that can be viewed not only within the boundaries of printwork, but also as contemporary, innovative and conceptually developed statements. At the same time, their works make reference to Japan, the country in which they studied for several years, and have been influenced by in many ways, aesthetically and technically.

'Crossflows' has shown previously in Japan and Thailand. In Japan it showed in Kyoto as part of the Japan Print Year 2004, and featured five artists from India, Scotland, Australia, Ireland and England. In Thailand, the exhibition was held in Bangkok with six artists, this time including artists from Thailand.

Moya Bligh (Ireland)
(Resident in Japan, MFA from Tama Art University, Tokyo)
Wayne Crothers
(Resident in Japan, MFA from Tama Art University, Tokyo)
Paul Furneaux (Scotland)
(Resident in Scotland, MFA from Tama Art University, Tokyo)
Vimonmarn Khanthachavana (Thailand)
(Resident in Thailand, MFA from Tokyo National University of Art and Music, Tokyo)
Ralph Kiggell (England)
(Resident in Thailand, MFA from Tama Art University, Tokyo)
Keiko Nakamura (Japan)
(Resident in Japan, MFA from Tama Art University, Tokyo)
Nipan Oranniwesna (Thailand)
(Resident in Thailand, MFA from Tokyo National University of Art and Music, Tokyo)

Wayne Crothers
Extract from the Repository of Forgotten Sensations Installation ,
2004, woodblock, waterbased pigment, mulberry fiber paper, 180x90


Patriothall Gallery is an artist-led initiative in the heart of Edinburgh, which aims to provide professional exhibition opportunities for artists.
Patriothall Gallery is on the ground floor of the former Co-op bakery building which Workshop and Artists Studio Provision Scotland (WASPS) converted into a studio complex in 1988.


24 July, 2006

call - Bundaberg Arts Festival

The Bundaberg Arts Festival 2006 Art Competition has over $15,000 in
prize money available to artists . Categories include painting,
ceramics, photography, textiles, and literature.
Entries close 8

http:// artnsuch.com.au for an entry form.

23 July, 2006

Queensland Centre for Photography

The Queensland Centre for Photography (QCP) is a non-profit organization that facilitates connections between audience and art practitioners. Local audiences are invited to extend their interest in photography by learning about the medium, its practitioners and the surrounding theoretical debates. Through exhibitions, educational programs, publications and a collection, we aim to increase opportunities for art dialogue in a friendly all-inclusive environment. Importantly, local artists need local institutions to present their work and provide a voice for their work nationally and internationally. This Centre will also provide professional support and advice for the Queensland photographic art community.

Queensland Centre for Photography
33 Oxford Street
Bulimba Qld 4171

Australians Abroad

G'day to all Australians living in the United Kingdom and Ireland and curious others from all points of the globe.

In reality, this site is just a list of (hopefully)
useful links to help you along the way in your life over here.

Australians Abroad

Centre for Contemporary Photography

The Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) is one of Australia’s premier venues for the exhibition of contemporary photo-based arts, providing a context for the enjoyment, education, understanding and appraisal of contemporary practice.

Established in 1986 by the photographic community as a not-for-profit exhibition and resource centre, CCP has played a pivotal role in the support of photo-based arts and public engagement with photography.

CCP’s exhibition program is presented across five exhibition spaces, including the evening Projection Window viewed from George and Kerr Streets after dark, and features a diverse range of photo-based arts from emerging to established artists. The program includes individual, group and curated exhibitions representing the very best of local, interstate and international photography. CCP welcomes proposals from emerging and established artists, as well as curators and writers. Information regarding proposals can be found at www.ccp.org.au/proposals.php. Admission to CCP is free.

404 George Street
Vic 3065

Norwegian Printmakers

The Association of Norwegian Printmakers
Tollbugaten 24
N - 0157 Oslo


Galleri Norske Grafikere


Swedish Printmakers

The Swedish Printmakers´ Association was founded in 1910 by a handful of artists with the intention, then as now, of furthering the interests of printmakers, arranging print exhibitions and distributing information about printmaking as an art form.
The Association has worked internationally from the very beginning, exhibiting in many countries, and arranging print exhibitions from abroad.
The Swedish Printmakers´ Association runs a gallery from which there is a vast network of contacts to other printmakers´ collective workshops and printmakers´ associations in Sweden and abroad.
The Association functions as an information centre and meeting point for those who appreciate prints and for artists who are printmakers. Its members are testing and extending the boundaries, if indeed there are any, of printmaking. It is a collective of some 430 active printmakers encompassing just as many means of expression.



Miniprint Finland 2007

Call for competition of miniature graphics

The Graphic Artist Association of Lahti and the Lahti Art Museum are pleased to invite the artists to participate in the 6th International Miniprint Finland 2007 miniature graphics triennial.

The 5th International Miniprint Finland 2004 miniature graphics triennial collects the best representatives in the field from the whole world to the exhibition in The Lahti Art Museum from November 16th 2007 to February 3th 2008. The protector of the event is the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen.

The Graphic Artist Association of Lahti has been responsible for arrangements from the start of the exhibition in 1992. The Lahti Art Museum has taken part in organizing since 1998.

The Miniprint Finland exhibition is an unusually large and notable graphic arts presentation both nationally and internationally. It has established its position among the international miniature graphic special art exhibitions. Interest in this triennial is increasing after every event. About 800 artists from 61 countries have sent nearly 2800 prints to the Miniprint Finland triennial 2004. The corresponding numbers in 1998 were 1700 prints from 478 artists from 52 countries.

An international jury will select the works which will be accepted into the exhibition. The jury will consist one member from the Graphic Artists Association of Finland, one from the Art Museum of Lahti, one from the Graphic artists’ association of Lahti and one winner of the previous Miniprint.

The deadline for the competition is May 15th 2007, when the filled participation form and fee enclosed in an envelope or the copy of the receipt must be sent to the address:

Lahti Art Museum, p.B. 113, 15111 LAHTI, Finland,

with the competition graphic works

The prizes of the competition:

Grand Prix prize of EUR 3,000
two honorary prizes of EUR 1.500

The four–color exhibition catalogue of the Miniprint Finland 2007 triennial is a printed matter containing over 200 pages, presenting the artists and their works in the exhibition. There is a similar catalogue also about the Miniprint events 2001 and 2004 published. You can find pictures of the prints and more information about the previous Miniprint exhibitions on the www-pages of the Graphic Artist Association of Lahti (www.lahdentaidegraafikot.fi ).

Yours faithfully,

Eija Piironen, chairwoman

The Graphic Artist Association of Lahti

participation form (pdf)

22 July, 2006

contemporary aboriginal photography

aboriginal & torres strait islander


In this work fragments of the black and ‘white’ body function as blank pages on which text is inscribed. This text, which incidentally reflects the artist’s interest in fishing and knots, foregrounds the differences in black and white experience symbolised by the juxtaposition of the string of pearls and hangman’s noose.
Definitions of difference VI 1994


Léon Spilliaert - brussels

22 september 2006 - 3 february 2007

Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Bruxelles

Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van België, Brussel

Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium


Van 21 september 2006 t.e.m. 3 februari 2007 organiseren de Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van België een tentoonstelling gewijd aan het originele en zeer persoonlijke œuvre van Léon Spilliaert (Oostende 1881 – Brussel 1946).Vijftig jaar na zijn overleden past het de stand van zaken te bepalen qua verscheidenheid van stijl, inhoud en spiritualiteit van een œuvre dat, hoewel beinvloed door de geest van het eind van de eeuw, zich ver buiten de grenzen van het symbolisme zal uitstrekken. Omdat Spilliaert liever zijn verbeelding volgt, begint zijn carrière ver van de Akademie. Onmiddellijk wordt de originaliteit van zijn interpretatie zichtbaar in de donkere gewassen tekeningen van de eerste jaren, scherpe composities die blijk geven van een nauwkeurige analyse en diepe psychologie. Hij bekijkt de wereld rond hem vanuit een brede gezichtshoek, maar hij werpt zich tevens in een scherpzinnige introspectie die in visionaire zelfportretten resulteert. Spilliaert kent de kunststroming van zijn tijd. Hij confronteert zijn kunst met die van zijn tijdgenoten, zowel schilders als schrijvers zoals Emile Verhaeren, Maurice Maeterlinck, Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, Odilon Redon, Edouard Vuillard, James Ensor… Hij is een voorloper van een geometrische abstractie, van een geconstrueerd en kleurrijk expressionisme, van een surrealisme met getelescopeerde beelden. Tegelijk plaatst hij in een nieuw kader een visie van de ruimte die door de Japanse prent wordt geïnspireerd. Rondleidingen – ateliers voor kinderen en volwassenen – avondopenstelling op elke vrijdagavond tot 21 u. voor het grote publiek – mogelijkheid van private avondopenstellingen. Voor informatie: info@fine-arts-museum.be

website: www.expo-spilliaert.be

The city of Ostend is marking the 125th anniversary of the painter's birth with panache. A big, new exhibition devoted to the work of this painter and draughtsman has just opened in the Venetian Galleries on the Albert I Promenade.

Spilliaert was a self-taught painter, who is perhaps best remembered as a very personal and original artist with a very diverse oeuvre.

20 July, 2006

da Vinci - melbourne

The Leonardo da Vinci Machines

From the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci in Italy, Waterfront City is proud to present this significant international exhibition displaying 64 models of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous machines, constructed by Florentine artisans and based on Da Vinci’s famous codices.

1 July to 1 October 2006
Open Daily 10am – 6pm

Tickets available at the door or Ticketmaster
Adults $18
Child (4 -13) $9
Pensioner/Senior $ 14
Family (2 Adult/2 Child) $45

Waterfront City Pavilion
Docklands Drive
Melbourne Docklands

19 July, 2006

Tate Gallery censured

United Kingdom - The Times

Tate Gallery censured for conflict of interest

"If it had been a company, the verdict would have sent shareholders into a panic," admonishes an editorial after Britain's Charity Commission censured the Tate Gallery for buying several works of art from its own board members between 1997 and 2004.

The ruling "leaves the Tate and its director, the formidable Sir Nicholas Serota, looking distinctly uncomfortable. ... The Tate’s directors genuinely seem to have believed that they were doing nothing wrong. Indeed, the practice of buying from serving trustees dates back to at least 1959.

Today’s Tate, however, is a hugely powerful institution that should be an exemplar. Sir Nicholas was genuinely contrite yesterday, saying that changes have already been made and that more will follow. ... Building a world-class art institution is a fine art. But it helps to get the basics right."

» full article

18 July, 2006

PCA Prints - QUT

22 June - 27 August 2006

2006 marks the fortieth anniversary of the Print Council of Australia.

Marks and Motifs: Prints from the PCA Collection has been organised to celebrate this important event and honours four decades of contemporary print production in Australia.

Drawn from the nationally significant Print Archive of the Print Council of Australia in Melbourne, the exhibition surveys various developments in printmaking from the mid 1960s through to the present day. Works produced by established printmaking modes are juxtaposed with prints incorporating photo-media and digital technology. Contemporary issues of cultural identity, social justice, the environment, ruralism and war and reflective of Australia's socio-political consciousness are explored in the exhibition.

For more information on the PCA, visit www.printcouncil.org.au

QUT Art Museum is located at QUT Gardens Point Campus on the north bank of the Brisbane River, at the end of George Street, next to the City Botanic Gardens and 10 minutes walk from the city centre.

2 George Street (next to the City Botanic Gardens)
Brisbane QLD 4001

17 July, 2006

HIGH TIDE - Lithuania

HIGH TIDE: new currents in art from Australia and New Zealand
2 June – 13 August, 2006

Magda Kardasz and Simon Rees

Vokieciu g. 2, LT-01130
Vilnius, Lithuania
T: +370 5 262 3476
F: +370 5 262 3954

Tuesday – Sunday 12.00 – 19.30

The Contemporary Art Centre’s major summer exhibition HIGH TIDE is the largest bi-national exhibition of contemporary art from Australia and New Zealand presented internationally. HIGH TIDE which includes 29 artists and 5 collaborative groups has traveled to the CAC following its popular and critical success at Zach?ta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (February – April 2006).

HIGH TIDE presents Australian and New Zealand art from a European point of view locating themes and motifs that match a European popular imagination — with a focus on works that make humorous/political commentary or reveal the hidden underbelly of this imaginary. For instance, artist Daniel Malone leaves no doubt in the audiences’ minds that many intelligent New Zealanders revile the concept that their nation is in anyway associated with Tolkien’s ‘Middle Earth’ in the wake of the Lord of the Rings movie experience. There is a strong environmental theme within the exhibition as several artists signal the impact that human contact is having on the unique and often fragile ecologies of both geographies. Ironically, the more people who visit this nature the faster its beauty fades. Similarly, the Aboriginal, Maori, and Pacific Island artists in the exhibition chart the complicated impact that European colonization has had on their homelands and peoples.

The CAC exhibition includes 8 newly commissioned works as 15 artists traveled to Vilnius for the occasion. Melbourne artists Callum Morton and Danius Kesminas produced a large-scale performative architectural ‘happening’ reflecting historical links between the cities of Melbourne and Vilnius: since the first decade of the 20th Century Melbourne has been a site of major Lithuanian emigration. Australian Wiradjuri artist Brook Andrew investigated local engagements with notions of ‘blackness’ (when Lithuania is a resolutely white and culturally homogeneous nation). Equally ‘alienated’ when in Vilnius for two months, New Zealand artist Jim Speers has produced a new three-channel video scanning the outer-spaces of the city and grey-zones of male social interaction.

Alienation and cultural distanciation are cultural affects, often associated with Australia and New Zealand (and post-Soviet Europe), that HIGH TIDE goes some way to overcoming.

Participating artists: A.L.A.N., Brook Andrew, Guy Benfield, Mladen Bizumic, Lisa Crowley, Bill Culbert, Destiny Deacon and Virginia Fraser, eX de Medici, Mikala Dwyer, Shaun Gladwell, Matthew Griffin, Peggy Napangardi Jones, The Kingpins, Maddie Leach, Daniel Malone, MINIT (Jasmine Guffond and Torben Tilly), Tracey Moffatt, TV Moore, James Morrison, Callum Morton and Danius Kesminas, Ani O'Neill, Michael Parekowhai, Patricia Piccinini, Rachael Rakena, Scott Redford, Ann Shelton, Jim Speers, Kathy Temin, Yvonne Todd, Francis Upritchard, Ronnie van Hout, Suzann Victor, Louise Weaver, Boyd Webb

HIGH TIDE is accompanied by an extensive catalogue that includes installation photography of the exhibitions and texts by: Brook Andrew, Gregory Burke, Destiny Deacon and Virginia Fraser, Robert Drewe, Simon During, eX de Medici, Blair French, Jeff Gibson, Ihor Holubizky, Magda Kardasz (ed.), Kestutis Kuizinas, Agnieszka Morawinska, Scott Redford, Simon Rees (ed.) plus an interview with the artists Daniel Malone, Ani O’Neill, Michael Parekowhai by the curators.

HIGH TIDE is a collaboration between the CAC and Zach?ta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw
And has received generous support from: the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts its arts funding and advisory body; Creative New Zealand Arts Council of New Zealand, Toi Aotearoa

With assistance from the Embassies of Australia and New Zealand to Lithuania

MCA Artist’s Voice 2005

The MCA is delighted to announce the launch of MCA Artist’s Voice. These are DVDs capturing the ‘voice’ of Australian artists who have exhibited at the MCA, discussing their work and artistic practice.

MCA Artist’s Voice continues the Museum’s commitment to facilitating access to contemporary art and artists. They are a powerful educational aid for art enthusiasts and students of contemporary art of all ages.

The first DVD in the series MCA Artist’s Voice 2005 features the artists listed below and represents exhibitions across the MCA’s 2005 program.

The next instalment in the DVD series MCA Artist’s Voice 2006 will present artists exhibiting at the MCA this year. Scheduled for release early in 2007 it will coincide with the start of the school year.

This initiative has been made possible with the generous assistance of the Keir Foundation.

The DVDs are free and available now. Simply click here to fill in your details online and your 2005 DVD will be posted to you.

Adam Cullen

Born 1965 Sydney. Lives and works Sydney. Adam Cullen’s pseudo-naïve style and use of abhorrent or abject materials aligned him with the Sydney Grunge movement of the...

Danie Mellor

Born 1971 Mackay, Queensland. Lives and works in Canberra. These ceramic forms take their inspiration from a variety of sources, including rainforest shields made in...

Hossein Valamanesh

Born 1949 Tehran, Iran. Lives and works Adelaide. Hossein Valamanesh’s work is influenced by his position as an Iranian-born Australian, having emigrated in 1973, and...

James Angus

Born 1970 Perth. Lives and works Sydney and New York. A participant in the MCA’s very first Primavera exhibition, James Angus represents phenomena from both...

Monika Behrens

Born 1975 Melbourne. Lives and works Sydney. The history of humankind is anything but humane. Our past is littered with war, oppression and genocide. The present is...

Noel McKenna

Born 1956 Brisbane. Lives and works Sydney. Noel McKenna’s paintings are characterised by his honest portrayals of everyday moments, and the relationship of people to...

Robert Owen

Born 1937 Wagga Wagga, NSW. Lives and works Melbourne. Robert Owen has been working for over forty years in a practice that includes painting and sculpture. Driven by...

Tom Mùller

Born 1975 Basel, Switzerland. Lives and works Perth. My practice illustrates a cultural past inside the global future. I create paintings and installations that meld...

TV Moore

Born 1974 Canberra. Lives and works Sydney and Los Angeles. TV Moore works primarily in installation and moving imagery, often depicting outsiders and other figures...

Yukultji Napangati

Born 1970 Western desert, Western Australia. Pintupi people. Lives and works Kiwirrkura, Western Australia and Kintore, Northern Territory. Kiwirrkura is located in...


We are all just a bunch of racist crooks......

from art news blog


Thursday, June 08, 2006
Aboriginal Art Industry
The Aboriginal art industry in Australia has seen a dramatic rise in popularity during recent times. With the value of the paintings increasing, corruption and fraud are also increasing.
It has prompted the Australian government to spend an extra $2.2 million to fund the education of artists and their rights, while also educating buyers of Aboriginal art.

As much as I like some Australian aborginal art,

I would be hesitant in spending much more than a few hundred dollars on a painting as you just don't know what you are getting.

The same could be said about buying any contemporary art, but the stories that get around about aboriginal art makes it all a bit riskier (just my opinion).

Australia aims to protect a $149 million art industry
"Stories have circulated about fraud and exploitation of artists for almost as long as there was a buck to be made in aboriginal art.
The issue has come to the fore again this year with reports from the town of Alice Springs of artists being physically coerced into producing art and working in sweatshop conditions.

Investigations have revealed little. It is alleged that artists are intimidated or bought off by cash, drugs, or alcohol. Meanwhile, some well-known artists have been accused of passing off work by relatives as their own."
CS Monitor

call - Experimenta Play

Experimenta New Visions Commissions 2006
Call for applications

For the 2007 exhibition Experimenta Play, Experimenta is commissioning new interactive works that allow the audience to play, and be played upon.

Up to $6,000 per project is available for emerging and mid-career Australian artists to create new interactive media art works for an exhibition of Australian and international media artworks to be launched in Melbourne in September 2007.

Extending ‘play’ beyond the realm of games, Experimenta is looking to commission works that have humorous and unexpected outcomes, involve an element of chance, toy with preconceptions and assumptions, provide a journey or an opportunity for discovery. Within this playfulness lies the potential for deviousness, trickery, teasing, surprise, humour, inversion/subversion and delight. What are the possibilities for playful new media artworks? How can we play with technology to create new experiences?

Sources of inspiration might come from traditional narratives, labyrinths, puzzles, everyday environments, re-imagined objects or activities, re-purposed toys. The commissions are for interactive media artworks that can be: audio/visual, installations that play with scale and perspective, immersive environments or small, intimate and object based.

Please visit www.experimenta.org to download the Guidelines and Application Form. Contact Emma McRae, Experimenta’s Curatorial and Project Coordinator to discuss your projects. emma@experimenta.org

There is no cost to apply and applicants need not be members of Experimenta Media Arts.

The closing date for applications is Friday 21 July 2006


SNAPSHOT - adelaide


SNAPSHOT delves into the pulsating domain of contemporary painting in South Australia. This large-scale group exhibition addresses the concepts, practice and roles of painting in what are by now surely post-contemporary times, treating painting once again as the most referential point in the arts. SNAPSHOT attempts to define our post-modern culture predominantly through the lens of painting and its techniques, but it also includes works of art that take painting as their point of reference though not themselves adhering solely to the painterly field, but including such media of installation, photography, and video.
Melentie Pandilovski, Curator


11-5 TUES-FRI; 2-5 SATURDAY | +61 8 8211 7505 | eaf@eaf.asn.au | www.eaf.asn.au

16 July, 2006

Thomas Bayrle

rec0mmended by art f0rum

Domstraße 10
March 17–August 27

Thomas Bayrle, an artist active in Frankfurt for over four decades and an influential teacher at the city's Städelschule for three, just presented an eye-opening, career-spanning survey at Gavin Brown's Enterprise in New York. This show, titled "40 Years Chinese Rock ‘n' Roll," is a hometown homage, and concentrates on very early and very recent works. It opens with a number of painted kinetic sculptures dated from the mid-'60s, simple structures comprising hundreds of small, rectangular chips of wood decorated with individual figures, which move from side to side to create larger pictures. Here, the dialectic between gemeinschaft and gesellschaftMao, 1966. The exhibition also includes a number of nearly psychedelic, brightly colored prints—featuring people and consumer goods, and Eastern and Western motifs—that offer similar transmutations.
plays out on a literal stage, as when a regiment of anonymous bureaucrats morphs into
These are interspersed with paper constructions that literally weave together black-and-white images taken recently in China; one must stand several feet away to see the picture emerge from the warp and weft. Bayrle

has long used weaving as a metaphor for how images are built from constituent parts (a printer's dots, the red-green-blue lights on a screen), and the ways in which people are ineluctably connected. The latter theme is embodied not only by his pedagogic achievements but also his collaborative endeavors, here marked by the inclusion, on a large, twisting, highwaylike paper sculpture (made with Nikolaus Hirsch and Michel Müller), of a monitor and speakers playing two works by Sunah Choi that fill the gallery, appropriately, with the convivial sounds of Chinese street life.chinese m0terways

Thomas Bayrle at the Städel
"My work is predominantly based on graphics. In the course of 30 years, I have just about 'grazed' all fields in which graphical events take place. Starting with old techniques - lithography, etching, screen-printing via offset, photo techniques - and leading to computer-generated elements. Working with graphics lead to film/video starting in 1980.

Michel Majerus


petzel ny

bi0graphy with links

stedelijk vide0s amsterdam
[search f0r majerus}

Bekijk hier de opbouw van de tentoonstelling:

Windows Mediaplayer Video>>

asialink residencies

Residency Applications for 2007 are NOW OPEN

Applications close Friday 1 September 2006.

Arts Management 2007 Application Information
This program provides opportunities for Australian arts managers to experience working with an arts organisation in an Asian country for up to four months. Residencies are open to arts managers in the areas of visual arts and crafts, performing arts, literature, multimedia, technical production and festivals.

Literature 2007 Application Information
Residencies are open to writers of fiction, non-fiction (including essays, biography, history, travel writing etc), children's writers, poets, playwrights, screenwriters etc.

Performing Arts 2007 Application Information
Residencies are open to performing arts practitioners, including directors, actors, musicians, dancers, designers, production managers and technicians.

Visual Arts 2007 Application Information
Residencies are open to visual artists and crafts people including painters, sculptors, installation and multimedia artists, ceramic, glass, textile and wood workers, photographers, etc.

Fleurieu Peninsula Art Prize

Australia’s richest landscape art prize the Fleurieu Peninsula has $90,000 worth of prizes.

The prize is the centre piece of the 2006 Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale which will be held in South Australia from 3 – 26 November 2006.

Prizes include:

The Fleurieu Peninsula Art Prize – for an Australian landscape painting $50,000 acquisitive.

The Art of Food and Wine Prize – for a painting with a food and/or wine industry theme $10.000 aquisitive.

The Fleurieu Peninsula Vistas Prize – for a landscape painting of the peninsula region $10,000 aquistive and

the Fleurieu Peninsula Youth Scholarship – for a young SA artist/s aged 16-27 towards the cost of a program for professional development $10,000.

Enquiries – Phone Grant Hall Coordinator 08 8323 7984

More info – www.artprize.com.au
Closes 31 July


The Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale is a significant arts festival, which takes place biennially on South Australia's famous Fleurieu Peninsula - world renowned for its wine, food and rich art history.

Since its inception in 1998, the Biennale has grown to become a national visual arts festival which provides, as the cornerstone of the event, Australia's richest prize for landscape painting, the Fleurieu Art Prize, offering $50,000 to the winning artist.

It seems appropriate that the most significant prize for landscape art in Australia be centered in the Fleurieu Peninsula, a region which, with its striking vistas and extraordinary geological formations, has long been both a home and a source of inspiration for some of Australia's most important landscape artists.

In 2006 the Biennale will take place from 3 - 26 November, with venues right across the Peninsula hosting major exhibitions, lectures, workshops, a Gala Awards Dinner and a community program showcasing the best art, food, wine and hospitality this unique region has to offer.


14 July, 2006

Anthony Lister - sydney

5 June - 22 July 2006
Anthony Lister
"Backdoor Confessional"

Lister exhibits prolifically in Australia and overseas––in 2005 his work was the subject of five solo exhibitions including Wrapped Meat Lyric at Lyonsweir Gallery in New York. He travels regularly and has recently returned from a research residency in Berlin. Lister has been a finalist in numerous awards including the Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship, the Metro Five Art Award (2004, 2005) . In 2002, he undertook a mentorship with New Zealand painter Max Gimblett in his New York studio. A selection of Lister’s work was the focus of the monograph, Twice on Sundays, published by Fox Galleries in 2005. He currently lives and works in Brisbane.

Harrison Galleries was established in 2000 and has quickly developed into one of Sydney's most dynamic and reputable commercial contemporary art galleries. We are committed to the advancement of Australian Contemporary art forms. Our monthly exhibition program supports established and new artists in a range of media and welcomes curators and writers by invitation.

294 Glenmore Road
Paddington, NSW 2021
phone: +61 (0)2 9380 7100
email: info@harrisongalleries.com.au
website: www.harrisongalleries.com.au

11 July, 2006

Melbourne Art Fair 2006

Melbourne Art Fair 2006
2-6 August

Asia Pacific’s premier contemporary art fair held 2 – 6 August.

Melbourne Art Fair 2006 is presented by the Melbourne Art Fair Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, promoting contemporary art and the ethical representation of living artists.

Royal Exhibition Building
Carlton Melbourne
Opening night Vernissage 2 August
Public Days 3 – 6 August

Leading galleries, representing over 900 living artists, exhibiting some 3,000 artworks gather together for Asia Pacific’s premier contemporary art fair.

Held biennially in Melbourne, this exciting event features over 80 galleries from all states and territories of Australia and from Auckland, Wellington, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne. Melbourne Art Fair is an invitation only event showcasing premier galleries from Australia alongside their international peers from Asia and beyond. Melbourne Art Fair Foundation endeavours to present original artworks by living artists represented by leading galleries worldwide.

Melbourne Art Fair is once again held at the historic World Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne. Here, galleries will exhibit new work by renown artists including Pat Brassington (Australia), Tracey Moffatt (Australia), Marian Drew (Australia), Bronwyn Oliver (Australia), Ricky Swallow (Australia), George Tjungurrayi (Australia), Michael Parekowhai (New Zealand), Shane Cotton (New Zealand), Callum Innes (UK), Sung Tae Park (Korea), Chi Peng (China), Yang Shaobin (China), Tang Zhigang (China), Michael Lin (Taiwan), Callum Innes (UK) and Tony Cragg (UK). A full list of exhibiting galleries can be viewed at http://www.melbourneartfair.com

The Melbourne Art Fair program includes Project Rooms sponsored by the Melbourne Art Fair Foundation, exhibiting emerging and independent artists, a series of stimulating forums at the National Gallery of Victoria International, keynote lecture by Milan based curator Massimiliano Gioni, Collector Programs and guided tours.

In 2006 the Melbourne Art Fair Foundation has commissioned a feature installation by internationally acclaimed New Zealand artist Michael Parekowhai, whose monumental 8m high x 5m wide, giant inflatable rabbit sculpture “Cosmo” will be exhibited under the central dome of the Royal Exhibition Building.

Melbourne Art Fair key dates are detailed below:

Vernissage in association with Saab
Wednesday 2 August
The exclusive opening night preview cocktail party is a premier social event. (Ticket booking is essential.)

Public Days
Thursday 3 August 11am – 7pm
Friday 4 August 11am – 9pm
Saturday 5 August 11am – 7pm
Sunday 6 August 11am – 5pm
Tickets can be purchased at the door

Collectors Package
Includes: 4 day unlimited entry pass, entry to Vernissage and the VIP Lounge. Available for purchase prior to event only.

Melbourne Art Fair 2006: Artist Bar Live Performance
Friday 4 August

Jon Campbell and Gloss Enamel
Respected Australian painter Jon Campbell has also been immersed in rock music since the mid 1990’s. Jon’s band, Gloss Enamel perform lo-fi, high energy, no frills rock music. For Melbourne Art Fair 2006, the band will showcase songs from their recent self-titled CD release (Gloss Enamel, released Feb 06). Jon Campbell (vocals, guitar, all song compositions), Matt Griffin (Drums) and Chris Dyson (Guitar). Matt and Chris are also Melbourne visual artists.

The Kingpins
The Kingpins are a collaborative group from Sydney whose performance, video and installation works incorporate drag king culture, subversion, pop iconography and musical oddities, challenging our assumptions at every turn and forcing us to re-assess who we think we are.

Melbourne Art Fair 2006 Lecture: LIVE IN YOUR HEAD: Places of Art
Keynote address by Massimiliano Gioni
Monday 31 July
BMW Edge, Federation Square
Free. General admission

Acclaimed international curator Massimiliano Gioni is the Artistic Director of Trussardi Foundation, Milan; co-curator 4th Berlin Biennial (2006); and, Director of The Wrong Gallery, New York. The Melbourne Art Fair 2006 lecture is presented by Melbourne Art Fair Foundation and the City of Melbourne in association with the Monash University Museum of Art.

Melbourne Art Fair 2006 Forum
Found in Translation: Curating Outside Comfort Zones and
Blindness and Insight: Futures for Art Criticism
Wednesday 2 August
Clemenger Auditorium, National Gallery of Victoria International
180 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne.
Free. General Admission
Bookings essential +61 (0)3 8662 1555

An afternoon of two stimulating forums, featuring a selection of Melbourne Art Fair invited international guests: Massimiliano Gioni (Artistic Director of the Trussardi Foundation, Milan; co-curator 4th Berlin Biennial; Director, The Wrong Gallery, New York), Gavin Hipkins (Wellington-based artist), Sunhee Kim (Senior Curator at the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo), Justin Paton (Curator of Contemporary Art at Dunedin Art Gallery) and Heather Galbraith (Senior Curator at City Gallery Wellington)

Melbourne Art Fair Foundation
Tel +61 (0)3 9416 2050
Fax +61 (0)3 9416 2020