10 November, 2005

WOW Profiles XI

This series of posts previews the artists participating in the walking on water portfolio (WOW). This post features Jennifer Hecker & Lori Mills

Jennifer Hecker: Brockport, NY

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Mother's Apron #4
mothers apron


Jennifer Hecker will present the third lecture, discussing her personal experiences as a contemporary female sculptor and her exhibition, Cycles, which will be on view on the grounds of the estate concurrent with the lecture series. Hecker, an associate professor and former chairperson of the art department at the State University of New York at Brockport since 1989, is a 1999 recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching and is an accomplished sculptor in her own right. In her approach to sculpture, Hecker prefers to push beyond the confines of tradition. Her materials often are experimental and the finished product often is large in scale and installational in format (set in a certain place or condition).

Lori Mills: Brockport, NY


at the sydney 2001 teapot show

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