08 November, 2005

brian dunlop

Brian Dunlop

Brian Dunlop
Norfolk Island
Etching AP

One of Australia's leading figurative painters, Brian Dunlop's work is characterised by contemplative quiet, sensitively observed light and technical skill. Dunlop is equally at home painting landscapes, portraits and still life, but it is the interior view which he has made his own. Dunlop's articulation of complex architectural interiors belies his close observation of Piero della Francesca. Like the Quattrocento master, Dunlop's sparse arrangements of figures and objects combine with architectural geometries to create tautly charged compositions.
Over the years Dunlop has travelled extensively and has recently finished a major series of paintings based on New Zealand's South Island. These paintings, which confidently render a huge range of peoples and environs, especially light, testify to the artist's finely honed skills of observation. Dunlop was awarded the Sulman Prize in 1980 and has painted numerous portraits of public figures, including Victoria's sesquicentenary portrait of the Queen (1984).

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