17 November, 2005

kiki smith

Smith sculpture

Carlo McCormick: One very subtle way in which your work approaches the issue of gender and representation seems to be in your choice of materials. Sometimes it's as if you're deliberately doing "girlie art."

Kiki Smith: I think I am. A friend of mine once said to me that nobody was going to take the things that I or the girls I knew did, seriously because we all worked in cardboard and stuff like that. I think, for about five years after that I said, "Okay, fuck you, I'm going to make everything really indestructible and you can't take it away from me. You can say it's shit, but at least you can't say it's shit because it's going to self-destruct." I made things out of bronze for a while. I tried to make them out of concrete, and then I just thought, "Fuck it!" I didn't like that. I really like making things delicate. I guess you could call them "girls' materials;" but they're just things that are associated with girls: soft materials like papier-mache. I don't have any ultimate allegiance to it. I would just as easily use some other material, but I like that quality of fragility.



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