15 May, 2013

Kunstrai Amsterdam


From 15to 20 May, the 29th edition of the KunstRAI will take place in Amsterdam. For the first time in twenty years KunstRAI will again be organized by theKunstbeurs Foundation. KunstRAI is the longest running contemporary art fair in the Netherlands. Over 75 well-known and emerging galleries show contemporary autonomous and applied art and design to a wide audience of connoisseurs and art lovers.

16th - 20th May
Amsterdam Rai



African Art Kathy van der Pas & Steven van de RaadtRotterdam44
ARTITLED! Contemporary Art*Herpen4
Galerie van den BergeGoes37
Suxanne Biederberg GalleryAmsterdam53
Galerie Josine BokhovenAmsterdam55
Galerie BrandtAmsterdam16
Chiefs & SpiritsThe Hague10
Galerie ClementAmsterdam27
Contempo GalerieRotterdam14
Galerie Dom'arte*Rucphen26
Galerie Fontana FortunaAmsterdam56
Huub Hannen Galerie*Maastricht 42
HedenDen Haag25
Galerie Helga Hofman*Alphen aan den Rijn34
Jan van Hoof Galerie’s-Hertogenbosch59
Jaski Art GalleryAmsterdam1
Galerie Carla KochAmsterdam18
Livingstone gallery*The Hague33
Galerie LutzDelft22

Kunsthandel MeijerUtrecht38
Morpho - fine art photographyAmsterdam58
Gallery 9 (nine)Amsterdam6
NL=US Art Consultancy*Rotterdam (NL) / New Jersey (USA)39
Galerie Nouvelles Images*Den Haag31
Galerie Petit*Amsterdam43
Project 2.0*The Hague51
Galerie RaAmsterdam45
Galerie Pien Rademakers*Amsterdam 3
Galerie RamakersThe Hague30
Galerie Jaap SleperUtrecht41
St. Art GalleryStampersgat9
Steendrukkerij Amsterdam*Amsterdam36
Studio Job GalleryAntwerpen
Venice Projects/Berengo StudioMurano-Venice
Galerie Rob de Vries projectenHaarlem 19
Galerie WilmsVenlo15
Galerie WitWageningen57
Sophie Maree GalleryDen Haag46
Galerie de ZaalDelft24
Timmer Art BooksOosterhout21
Galerie HelderThe Hague32
Mini | galerieAmsterdam28
Galerie SanaaUtrecht17
Bob Smit GalleryRotterdam2
galerie with tsjalling:Groningen47
Vriend van BavinkAmsterdam40

12 May, 2013

Cutlog NY 2013

cutlog New York
may 9– 13, 2013

107 Suffolk Street
New York NY 10002



Aperto Projects Montpellier
Art Amalgamated New York
Art Connections Tel aviv
B. Pailley Projects France
Be-poles Paris
Céline Moine Lyon
Cirrus Los Angeles
Clemente Soto Vélez Center Projects New York
Concept Art Paris
Creative Growth Oakland
Edward Cutler Milano
Fragmental Museum New York
Frants Gallery Space New York
Front Room Brooklyn
Galerie Charlot Paris
Galerie Dix9 Paris
Gama Istanbul
Garis & Hahn New York
Gurfinkel Projects New York
House of the Nobleman London
Hübner and Hübner Germany
Jag Modern Philadelphia
L’Inlassable Paris
Lambert Fine Arts New York
LETC/LAND Brooklyn
L’Aléatoire Paris
Marion de Cannière Antwerp
Microscope Gallery New York
Molin Corvo Gallery Milano
Olivier Waltman Paris
Per Partes Projects New York
Renaud Siegman Projects Paris
Residency Unlimited ft Lara Pan Brooklyn
Rox New York
Seymour Projects Paris
Spinello Projects Miami
spree Paris
The Apartment Vancouver
The Hole New York
The Impermanent Collection Los Angeles
The July 16 London
The Noise Index USA
The Proposition New York
TIME IN New York
TURF London, New York
White Box New York
Yael Rosenblut Santiago



The second edition of NADA NYC will take place May 10-12 on Pier 36 at Basketball City located at 299 South Street on the East River.

List of Exhibitors

Pulse NY 2013


The Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street Chelsea
New York, NY 10011
9th - 12th May


Poorly designed and inaccessible website.


Frieze Art Fair NY 2013


Frieze New York,
Randall's Island, Manhattan
10–13 May






07 May, 2013

Joseph Loughborough

Anno Domini Gallery presents...
Deciphering the Ash of Effigies
Joseph Loughborough (UK) solo exhibition
Exhibition dates: March 1–April 13, 2013

Anno Domini Gallery
366 So. First Street. map
San Jose, CA 95113

Exhibition Website

Joseph Loughborough (b. 1981/UK) spent his formative years exploring the derelict boatyards and creeks of Portsmouth, on the south coast of the UK. After graduating from Portsmouth University he pursued interests in art, philosophy and skateboarding culture, living in London, Paris and currently Berlin. Deciphering the Ash of Effigies is Loughborough's debut U.S. solo exhibition.

Full article and exhibition images here


Artist's website

Portfolio images



At Future Tense

02 May, 2013

Cigdem Aydemir

Cigdem (pronounced 'Chidem') Aydemir is a Sydney based Australian artist of Turkish Muslim heritage.  Like a number of other artists she addresses the wearing of the Burqa and the issues facing contemporary Muslim women but she does it with a quirky Australian humour that is uniquely her own.


See Video Showcase of works (2011 - 2012) here


"Cigdem Aydemir's Bombshell video challenges the viewer's prejudices by featuring the artist wearing a black burqa that leaves only her eyes visible.

Aydemir's outfit billows around her outstretched legs as ominous clouds move behind her. The sound of thunder or possibly bombs can also be heard.
Its a "re-creation of the iconic scene in which Marilyn Monroe stands above a subway vent from The Seven Year Itch"

Aydemir said the video explored the image and idea of the burqa as a possible terrorist threat. ''It's menacing but very beautiful at the same time,'' she said.

Aydemir's Bombshell will be announced on Thursday as the winner of the $10,000 emerging artist award of the Redlands Art Prize. The Redlands Art Prize is at the National Art School gallery in Darlinghurst from May 3 to June 1

full article here


"Cigdem Aydemir's Extremist Activity is a series of performances that explore body politics, feminism and Islamophobia, in particular the idea of the Niqab and Burqa being a security threat. These performances, documented in both in video and photography, are about reclaiming body-space. The forms worn on the body (or rather the body worn on the forms) create and exaggerate voids whilst also parodying the proper concealment, or disclosure, of that space. Extremist Activity explores the concept of the body as an occupied space and creates a dialogue between the viewers (both in and out of the gallery) and their perceptions of this culturally, historically and politically significant garment and the women who wear them.'

full article here

Cigdem Aydemir talks about her upcoming show at A-M Gallery 28 March 2012 from A-M Gallery on Vimeo.

Performance and Q&A with Cigdem Aydemir as part of her show ‘Extremist Activity’ at A-M Gallery, Newtown, on 31 March 2012 from A-M Gallery on Vimeo.

Article about "Extremist Activity" here


"the Newtown mural of a woman in a full-face Muslim covering with a strike symbol over her face and the words ''Say No to the Burqa'' is the subject of an anti-discrimination complaint.

Cigdem Aydemir, 27, a Muslim, artist and high-school art teacher, said she felt ''completely offended and insulted'' when she saw the mural pop up in her neighbourhood."

full article here


Hair / Veil (2011) from Cigdem Aydemir on Vimeo.