22 November, 2005

WOW Profiles XII

This series of posts previews the artists participating in the walking on water portfolio (WOW). This post features Masha Ryskin and Timothy Massey

Masha Ryskin: Rochester, NY

Tea bags are a product of our everyday life. They are a record of people gathering, having conversations, eating. Tea bags speak of history, fragility, meditation.

I combine traditional art and craft materials and processes with tea bags and other objects of everyday use. I emphasize the tactile quality of the pieces, as well as the concepts of layering, transparency, and mending. The thread is used both as a means of putting elements together and as a drawing tool. By using sewing, drawing, and printing, I transform the ordinary materials while preserving their importance as objects of everyday rituals.

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Masha Ryskin has been teaching at Brockport since 1997 with a one year break when she received a Fulbright to Norway. She has taught such courses as Visual Art Experience, 2-D Design, Drawing, and Painting. She participated in a residency and exhibition in Oslo, Norway, in January 2001.

Masha Ryskin's work involves combining traditional art processes with materials and objects of everyday use, such as tea bags and drier sheets. "My pieces deal with the concepts of layering history and change," she states. In teaching, Ryskin is concerned with giving students enough knowledge and skills so, which they can then apply to their own projects and their own ideas.

In addition to working and exhibiting internationally, she is also a musician and plays in the Balinese Music group at Eastman School of Music.
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Timothy Massey: Rochester, NY

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The process of making art is perpetually grounded in change, adjustments in attitudes and the way one views his or her inner and outer world

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