13 October, 2005

letterpress at de veem

Visiting van diemenstraat looking for the de veemvloer (exhibition space). In the same building is the atelier of letterpress artists
Frans de Jong / Martijn van de Griendt of Het Y boekdrukatelier. Boek druk means book presses and the atelier looks onto van diemen kade. This is one of amsterdam's oldest docks in the old shipping neighbourhood and is named after the same person as van deimen's land, In fact tasman straat is the next street along.

Ruimte -1.17

Frans de Jong / Martijn van de Griendt

Frans de Jong & Martijn van de Griendt

photos from the website of de veem
click on room 17.

The veem offers working space to entrepreneurs who want combine the ideƃ«le and it business. The users of the veem are small companies and artists. They leave their own, but the mixture to activities leads frequently to reciprocal service and involvement. The veem lies to IJ, between the old port area and the modern western ports. other half kilometre of the central station the veem was suffered a century built as package house for luxuriously goods from the Dutch colonies. Coffee, tea, tobacco and cocoa were skipped here as package freight.

In the souterrain and on bel-etage are the companies which produce within a relatively small scale: adaptors, an assignee, ceramisten, printing, designers and makers of rekwisieten and lamps. research offices, an editor and an adventurous travel organisation share the second deepening with graphic designers and scenario writers. Work shops for artists are find especially on two upper deepenings. Downstairs a large expositieruimte is (the Veemvloer) whereas entirely above in the bldg. the theatre to find is, in the room where former parties tobacco were inspected. On the same deepening the restaurantrestaurant restaurant with a superb view concerning IJ is.

translation by babelfish
Despite the fact that they were excitedly preparing for the arrival of a new press tommorrow, they made me very welcome. They were preparing a poster for the book art fair in Leiden, Rembrandt's birthplace and the family church.
Once a year a Book Art Fair is held in the beautiful Pieterskerk in Leiden. Not only Private Presses and small publishers, but also bookbinders, papermakers and calligraphers present (and sell!) their work. Also materials and reference books are available, demonstrations are held, and there are special activities ('make your own book') for children. In 2005 the Boekkunstbeurs will be held on 19 and 20 november. Open from 10-17 on saturday, and 11-17 on sunday.
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"Deze foto's zijn welwillend ter beschikking gesteld door de fotograaf Jur Kuipers."

(note the carved gravestones on the floor)

The book fair is an activity of Drukwerk in de Marge.

The Foundation "Drukwerk in de Marge" was established in May 1975 by a number of amateur printers and publishers (Private Presses), who felt a need to get in touch with their colleagues. Since the start the number of participants grew to about 540, of which 175 are active as printer and / or publisher. The others support Drukwerk in de Marge out of interest, for pleasure of 'for the good cause'. The name Drukwerk in de Marge literally means 'printed matter in the margin'. Therefore Private Presses are often called 'margedrukkers' - marginal printers.
The webpage includes a list of activities and also member presses.
their link list

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