31 October, 2005

WOW Profiles VIII

This series of posts previews the artists participating in the walking on water portfolio (WOW). This post features Nele Zirnite & Laura Ruby

was born in Lithuania in 1959. Studied from 1978 to 1982 at Vilnius Art Institute ( Lithuania) and from 1982 to 1984 at Latvian Academy of Arts ( Riga, Latvia ). Since 1988 is member of Union of Artists of Latvia. Since 1985 - teacher of graphic art. Presently employs etching technique in her works. She participated in various art Exhibitions in Europe and USA and has many awards. Her works was distinct and placed in Album " The Best of Printmaking", Rockport Publishers - Gloucester, USA, where placed works of 250 best graphic Authors from all World..
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at Davidson Galleries

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review Lithuanian printmaker Zirnite makes velvety dreamscapes containing imagery whose originality is an order of magnitude above the norm. She makes them with a needle, pressing millions of microdots into a metal plate that can take up to two years to complete.


Laura Ruby - Lecturer in Art, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Courses: History of Contemporary Sculpture, Theory and Criticism of Art, Time and the Arts

See: Stage Set--Mise en Scene, Site of Passage--Chinatown 1, Site of Passage--Chinatown 2, Cromlech
and more.

nancy drew series

My "Nancy Drew Series" of screenprints takes as its primary reference the fictional detective, Nancy Drew, the subject of an extremely popular series of books in American culture. The character Nancy Drew represents the independence and problem-solving intelligence of the detective figure, while also alluding to the independence, creativity and determination of the artist. The first obvious punning relationship is in the name, Drew, but the series of prints employs both playful and serious multiple visual and verbal interactions in its concept and design.

The multiple levels of visual/verbal interplay incorporate references to the tools and processes of art making, including allusions to numerous codes and sign systems. For example, The Clue of the Black Keys contains historical and contemporary musical notational systems (including Chopin's "Black Key √Čtude") and a typewriter schema; while The Clue of the Tapping Heels contains Morse code and The Secret of the Brass Bound Trunk includes semaphore. Each individual print, of course, includes far more imagery and conceptual material in addition to these notational systems, and as a series the prints have much interplay and interaction of concept and imagery. Other subject matter includes such popular culture elements as comedy films, mystery films, popular music and others.

My "Nancy Drew Series" encourages viewer involvement in the search for clues and understanding. One major theme of the series is the acknowledging of the artist/detective as maker and the viewer as an involved participant in the detection.

FEB 2003

Laura Ruby, a printmaker whose works will be exhibited in the Denison University Art Gallery starting on Friday (Feb. 21), will visit Granville to meet guests at the opening reception and to work with students during her stay.She will open her visit with a lecture about her artwork at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday (Feb. 20) in the Cleveland Annex (Mulberry Circle).

Ruby has created the "Nancy Drew Series," silk-screen prints that parody the concept of the mystery novel. A resident of Hawaii, Ruby's prints are rich with integrated literary allusions, along with cultural and artistic metaphors that are intended to give the viewer clues associated with the title of the piece. Ruby also will be working in the Cleveland Hall print studio during the weekend creating a work which will become part of the Denison Library collection.

"Breaking New Ground: Explorations in Digital Printmaking" showcases a variety of approaches artists are taking in digital printmaking.


Laura Ruby paints a giant gecko that will be displayed with 49 others during Geckos In Paradise, a charity event and art exhibition organized by Kapi'olani Health Foundation, the fund-raising arm of Kapi'olani Medical Center. Ruby's fiberglass lizard is five feet long and weighs 35 pounds.

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