08 October, 2005

Justin Trendall

Justin Trendall A House for Gerry Lopez and Meaghan Morris 2005, digital print

University of Sydney Art Gallery
The Phantasmagorical Grid - Justin Trendall and the influence of Giovanni Battista Piranesi.
Exhibition dates: 31 August - 1 December 2005

The idea for the exhibition developed from a conversation between Justin Trendall and art curator Sioux Garside on the work of eighteenth century artist Giovanni Piranesi in the University Art Collection.

Justin Trendall is a contemporary artist who uses a combination of screen printing, digital graphics and photography to make his art. Since graduating from SCA in the mid 1980's, he has produced a body of work that explores the themes of cultural identity and the urban landscape. In this exhibition Trendall's new works are inspired by the theories and prints of Piranesi ( 1720 - 1778) and those of French architect Claude Nicholas Ledoux (1736 - 1806).

25 November - 18 December
The 2004 CCAS Contemporary Art Award
The winner of The 2004 CCAS Contemporary Art Award is Justin Trendall.

Justin Trendall, Kreuzberg SO 36, Life Goes On, Baudelaire (From the Monument series) (detail), 2003
Screenprint on felt.

CCAS Director Lisa Byrne discussing the Judges decision.
The unanimous decision to award the 3000 prize to Justin Trendall this year was not an easy choice. Many artworks in this years exhibition were outstanding, making the selection of an overall winner difficult. In awarding Justin the prize all three judges were drawn to the intrinsic subtely of the work. These screenprints on felt reference a seeming code or system that is well structured. Yet upon close examination they have an acute randomness and communicate a highly developed personal artistic language in both form and content.

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