10 October, 2005

General Idea Editions

General Idea Editions: 1967-1995
Plus additional unique works and installations by General Idea
October 8 through December 31, 2005

Canada’s best-known collaborative team of artists-General Idea’s Jorge Zontal, AA Bronson and Felix Partz-came to international attention for their incisive interventions into contemporary media society in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Pioneers of conceptual and media-based practices, their work included installation, performance, video, photography and edition-based works. To this day, their work remains acutely relevant for younger artists, not only as a model for collaboration, but also for the articulations of queer identity and the imaginative formation of alternative communities. This exhibition, organized by the Blackwood Gallery at University of Toronto, is the first complete retrospective of General Idea’s mass-produced articles, multiples and editions. General Idea Editions: 1967-1995 will include more than 200 prints, postcards, posters, photo-based projects, series publications, flags and crests produced by General Idea between 1967 and 1995. Exclusively at The Warhol, the exhibition will be doubled in size to include three of the group’s major installations and many unique works, selected by The Warhol’s John Smith, and General Idea's AA Bronson, to illuminate the group's use of mass-produced and multiple elements.

at the warhol museum

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