04 October, 2005

Women in Contemporary Printmaking

Women in Contemporary Printmaking
15 women artists from 15 countries
from 4 October (tue) until 24 October (mon)

Sofia, Bulgaria

The Woman and the World of Contemporary Art and in particular – the Printmaking Art.
Is Printmaking going to be more and more female in Bulgaria and worldwide?!

In last 20th century the female artists in Bulgaria have been only few, but to the end of the century and now days the situation totally changes: women studying and graduating Art Academy, Art Schools and Colleges are more than men…

15 female printmaking artists from 15 countries are showing their works not to fight against male art and artists and art lovers, but only to compare how different or/and how similar is their creativity…from Japan and New Zeeland trough Chile, Canada, USA and United Arab Emirates, coming to Europe (England, Finland, The Netherlands, France) and to the Balkans – Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Greece, and last but not least – Bulgaria…

Shelagh Atkinson (Scotland), Judith Klugerman (Canada), Maria Kapteijns (The Netherlands), Yuka Oshita (Japan), Rebecca Thomson (New Zealand), Erica Gutenschwager (Greece), Katia Sepulveda Barra (Chile), Maureen Hubbard Cribbs (USA), Maria Nichita (Romania), Rada Selakovic (Serbia and Montenegro), Lilia Eftimova (Bulgaria), Sandy Sykes (England), Minna Sora (Finland), Caroline Ford (France),
Abeer A. Tahlak (United Arab Emirates)


Disregarding the text of the press release, which I think may have suffered in the translation; this exhibition showcases the work of fifteen female artists from fifteen countries.

The curatorial question asks whether printmaking will change as a result of the increasing feminine participation and asks the viewer to examine the works with a view to gender. Is there a feminine aesthetic applicable to printmaking? Are there common (gender) characteristics in the work despite the geographical distribution?

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