15 October, 2005

josephine severn

These are the sketches for two paintings that I have made recently. They are both 56 x 76cm, the top in white acrylic on black paper, the bottom is a brush and ink drawing. The paintings (in colour) are one by one and a half meters in size.

Some time ago I was invited to participate in a print exchange themed "walking on water". The project inspired a continuing series on the theme of water whcih I am still working on.

This is a closeup of one of the plates from the walking on water print.

Here is the Water installation on print australia. This is a boxed set of miniature prints that I made shortly after the project. Here in Amsterdam I have completed a set of experimental prints that continue the same imagery. A sample set of these are at Warringah printmaking studio for viewing. And here are the 'gracht' prints from the last miniature print exchange.

The water series includes a folio full of works on paper and paintings on canvas. An integral feature of the work is that it explores the use of geometric abstraction with particular emphasis on line and dots. This is an extension of the printmaking issue of providing 'tone' in black and white.

The most recent work is a video, coming soon.

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Mellissa Read-Devine said...

Had these images on the screen for a time, whilst I was working at my desk, and then I realised - how much water is like the land in its flows and topography(?). Thankyou for enriching my day.