18 October, 2005

WOW Profiles III

This series of posts previews the artists participating in the walking on water portfolio (WOW). This post features Helen C Frederick and J ames Engelbart

Helen C. Frederick

The View is Daunting

2002 Lithograph

Helen C. Frederick is founder and director of Pyramid Atlantic, Inc. in Riverdale, Md. Her recent solo exhibitions include The View is Daunting, University of Georgia (2002); Suspension/Scieran, Southwest Center for Art and Craft in San Antonio (2000-01); and MASSE ICI, Texan Ivy Fine Arts, Orlando, Fla. (1997). Her works are included in public collections, both nationally and internationally, including the National Gallery of Art, the Fogg Art Museum, the New York Public Library, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. In 2000, Frederick was honored with the Governor�s Award for Outstanding Maryland Artist. In addition to directing Pyramid Atlantic, Inc., she has worked for the last twenty-two years as a curator, lecturer, and visiting artist at various colleges and universities. She received her BFA and MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Born in Pottstown, Pa., in 1945, Frederick currently lives and works in Maryland.

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Pyramid Atlantic is a 501(c)(3) non-profit contemporary arts center dedicated to the creation and appreciation of hand papermaking, printmaking, digital arts, and the art of the book. For nearly 25 years, Pyramid has provided opportunities for the discovery and creation of these fine arts through imaginative programming for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. An artist-centered community with an international and local following, Pyramid Atlantic brings print and paper arts to people all over the world.

Pyramid Atlantic was founded in 1981 by noted artist and teacher Helen C. Frederick to provide a setting for artistic collaboration and dialogue. Since then, Pyramid has played a critical role in the art world by:

  • hosting hundreds of artists in residence
  • developing outreach programs for students and the community
  • offering classes for artists of all levels
  • producing and publishing numerous print and artist book editions
  • conserving and collecting works on paper
  • curating exhibitions both locally and throughout the world
  • providing professional development programs for teachers

Pyramid Atlantic receives federal and state funds as well as generous support from private foundations, corporations, and local businesses. In addition to this funding, we count individual donors and members among our most valued supporters.

At Pyramid, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. In 2003, Pyramid relocated to the heart of the Arts & Entertainment District in downtown Silver Spring, MD. The new facility features a paper mill, print shop, letterpress studio, bindery, and cutting-edge digital studios.



When James Engelbart says he makes portraits, he’s not telling the whole story. Every face is obscured by something — a hand, a comb — that adds an element of the unknown to his lithographs. Because he didn’t want to make his friends sit for an hour while he carved their likenesses, Engelbart ended up being the model for his own prints. "They’re not really supposed to be me, but they are, out of necessity." Expect about 20 stone and wood prints by the veteran of the now defunct Zone One gallery, including still-lifes of Mexican figurines (portraying chickens playing tambourines, for example) which he says were the predecessors of the modern Chia Pet. As of press time, Engelbart says there’s a possibility he’ll debut some excerpts from Parmenides for the Young, a children’s book he’s working on which apparently will combine "being and non-being" with "This Little Piggy Goes To Market."

April 20 through May 15, 2001
University of the Arts, 333 S. Broad St., 6th floor Printmaking Gallery,

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At present, James Engelbart is Conservator/Bookbinder (and Supervisor) in the Collection Care Department of The Free Library of Philadelphia. His lithographs and artist's books are represented in both public and private collections and have been shown in both solo and group exhibitions, as such places as Zone One (Philadelphia), The University of the Arts Printmaking Gallery, Kamin Gallery (University of Pennsylvania), Art in City Hall (Philadelphia), Dartmouth College Art Gallery, and Minnesota Center for Book Arts. With Rosae Reeder (1995) he organized Thesaurus: A Book Exchange (among alumni and faculty of the MFA Book Arts/Printmaking Program).
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