28 October, 2005

nathan henderson

the expo is the 27th of oct
today. 18:00 - 21:00

exhibition invitation & details

Iwhat?I.whats the point, its a studyish kinda thing

Picked up an exhibition invite in the cafe yesterday and thought it looked worth a visit. The gallery is behind the noordekerk in noorderkerkstraat, and it turned out to be a pristine and attractive space.

I always enjoy work that is well drawn and this certainly was. With a very printerly limited palette, the exhibition is titled "white contrast", they were mostly paintings on white canvases. The work read well from an distance but drew the viewer in close to observe the fine detail and tiny drawings. Filled with visual quotations, the work invites a game of 'spot the reference', always fun at any exhibition.

A background in anatomical drawing and street art is apparent. Many of the works contained repeated imagery that may have been stenciled. Many of them are here on the website. http://menglef.org/

more nathan on deviantART

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