12 October, 2005

Martin Kippenberger

Sept 3, '05 - Sept 30, '05
"Martin Kippenberger - Editions" solo show
Large scale etchings, multiples and other editions

Grimm Fine Art
hazenstraat 7, Amsterdam

about Martin Kippenberger from the Saatchi Gallery
Martin Kippenberger’s career has transformed into an almost cult-like legend, existing as much in lore-ish tradition as in the actual physical works. He’s the guy who bought a run-down gas station in Brazil and named it after a Nazi war criminal. He built an imaginary global subway system with real entrances installed in the Yukon, Leipzig, and a remote field in Greece (and working air vents at various points in between). He opened The Museum of Modern Art in an unused abattoir in Syros (MOMAS). He bought a Gerhard Richter painting to use as a coffee table. For Kippenberger, art wasn’t about disrespect: it was about what he could get away with.
Seen yesterday in the Jordaan. Large scale prints on nepali paper.

similar to these at Print Workshop, Tokyo 1991

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