05 October, 2005


De Gouden Bocht van de Herengracht, kleurenprent door Jan van Call

text translated from dutch via babelfish

Gouden the turning distinguished as from 1662 became the Herengracht, which firstly but until the king square ran, impregnated until the Amstel. The new turning in the Herengracht at the mirror street was immediately the most distinguished part of the complete grachtengordel.

Because of the terrible wealth of the occupants the amsterdammers called this part of the gracht the ` gouden turning. Large living the houses in gouden the turning are very differently than the narrow grachtenpanden of fifty years earlier. The lord houses cover double plots and are therefore much broader and deeper. Behind to pawn goes often also still a fraaie garden schuil.

Jan van Call Jan van Call (1656-1703), hour work maker of profession, a number of from Amsterdam water faces has initially signed, among which 3 of the Herengracht. He signed in a remarkable stiffly-rigid-starch style, which is appropriate well at the stately houses of gouden the turning.

Chromotype with the hand colours of impresses were in the 17de centuries very ordinary. This prent has been however pressed in colour according to a rather time-consuming method where the purchaser plate with coloured ink was rubbed. The method has been called to the inventor: Johannes Teyler. Van Call was a student of him.

This is a print of the Herengracht made sometime during van Call's lifetime (1656-1703).

Its interesting to compare how it looked then compared to now, with cars, bicycles and bollards; and lacking the passersby pointing out the wealth of the occupants.

or here, iceskating in 1956

Schaatsenrijden op de Herengracht.
Amsterdam, februari 1956

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