21 October, 2005

WOW Profiles IV

This series of posts previews the artists participating in the walking on water portfolio (WOW). This post features Nancy Kellar, Kurt Kemp & E. C. Cunningham

Nancy Kellar: Granville, Ohio

No information available

Kurt Kemp: Sonoma, CA

Professor of printmaking
, Sonoma State University

Kurt Kemp’s brightly colored images of surreal human and animal hybrids, made with truncated and mismatched limbs, are the artist’s expression of human relationships with all their painful pitfalls and joys. He describes his work as a cross between contemporary pop culture and late 19th century poetry; full of dark absurdity, twisted irony and a delight in the ridiculous.

E. C. Cunningham: Denver, CO


Printmaking: A Primary Form of Expression
by Eldon E.C. Cunningham
The lives and works of thirty-two artists who have chosen printmaking as their major means of creative expression are brought together in this stunning volume. All of the artists included in Printmaking are "self-published" in that they print their own images in editions of fewer than fifty impressions or they execute works that are one-of-a-kind in nature. In every case, the artist is responsible for the entire process - - from conceptualization to design, production, and eventual distribution.

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