21 October, 2005

international digital miniature prints


The objective for the International Digital Miniature Print Portfolio is to encourage collaboration on a variety of levels - artist practitioners, higher education art students and schools; and as result to develop new collaborative ventures. This project is sponsored by Hewlett Packard, St Cuthberts Mill Inveresk Paper, producers of Somerset paper and Faculty of Art Media and Design, UWE.

The Centre For Fine Print Research has recently celebrated 16 years of miniature print portfolio collaboration. Traditionally, 30 artists contribute an edition of 60 handmade prints. In return each artist receives a complete portfolio of 30 prints; the remaining prints are sold to further other research. In 2000 - 2001, an international version was introduced, producing a very rich and varied portfolio; 28 artists from 12 countries contributed, which has been shown at around 20 venues worldwide.

The project with Hewlett Packard and St Cuthberts Mill is on a much larger scale including around 80 artists and 200 students. It is expected that the venture will facilitate liaisons with a greater variety of backgrounds and disciplines; and on international, national and local levels. The initial project is due to be completed by July 2002.

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