27 February, 2008

Gender Studies - Feminism, Women's art

The Aviary
red light district
women - blakkbyrd
Women in the Arts http://www.acay.com.au/%7Esevern/women.htm

Australian Women artists
destiny deacon
Vivienne Binns - Tasmania
lesley duxbury
Margaret Preston Exhibition
Grace Cossington Smith
Rosalie Gascoigne
bea maddock
Tracey Moffatt @ Roslyn Oxley9
Marrianne Collinson Campbell
Australian Women's Art Register
Australian Aboriginal Women Painters - Podcast
gins_leap / dubb_speak - Moree
Shay Docking
Australian women's art
Australian Women Modernists

Australian Women's Art at the National Library
Aboriginal Women Painters - washington

Women Artists
Women's Art Work on the Net
Bellebyrd feature artists
Bridget Riley
Chicks on Speed
Monique Horstmann
Tracy Emin The Dinner Party
Kruger & Holzer get political
Camille Claudel
joan snyder
helen frankenthaler
louise bourgeois
kiki smith
Rosemarie Fiore
Lorna Simpson
Renee Cox
Christo & Jeanne-Claude
Maggie Hadleigh-West
Jessica Delfino
Sanja Ivekovic
Marlene Dumas

Gender Battle - Exhibition Spain
gender identity
The Guerrilla Girls at MoMA
Germain Greer and Tracy Emin on Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo photographed by Nick Murray
Kahlo & De Kooning at the kunsthal Rotterdam
Feminist Actions - Spacement
Tracey Emin - Venice Biennale
45 years of Art and Feminism -spain

The Body
art, feminism and the body
Eccentric Bodies

Female graffiti writers
Janis Joplin
Lucy Lippard - interview
Swoon - Interview
Linda Nochlin Lecture

Feminist Art - ARTnews
First Wave Feminists

Theory - Internet
gender in Second Life
wikipedia wars

Women's Series - lectures
women's studies links
reverse discrimination at the TATE?
Masculinities Reflected
feminism and pop culture
Lucy R. Lippard
Feminist Forum (2007)
advertising's image of women
Susan Sontag in the Digital Age
Global Gender Gap Report 2006
contemporary seventies activism
on Greer
Elaine de Kooning, Portraiture, and the Politics of Sexuality

Theory Feminist Art
women in contemporary art
Female Artists and Femininist Issues
feminism and feminist art
The Feminist Art Project
The {American} Feminist Art Project
Art & the Feminist Project
women in the visual arts

Man Made Language
non-sexist guidelines
Dale Spender - Interview

Film - Theory
More Graff Gran
Fellini - gallery of orgasms
Women In Art
Women Directors Cut
Feminist anti-porn protest
Desire, Sex & Power in Music Video

Film - parody
Porno Scenarios
sex object
Chenille and Janelle
The Goodies - gender ed

If I Cant Dance
If I Can’t Dance Nov 2006
Symposium II: ‘Curating and Feminism Today" dec 2006’
If I Can’t Dance - Episode III - Utrecht May 2007
Symposium of Feminist Contemporary Art Practice Nov 2007
If I Can't Dance - Antwerp
If I can’t dance - Antwerp Dec 2007

God Rest We Weary Working Moms
Helen Reddy 'I Am Woman'

Eliza Younghusband
The Women of K2
A History of International Women's Day
Janet Snodgrass
Rose de Freycinet
dead white males

Art Review | 'Wack!'
WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution

The Feminist Future: MoMA
Feminist Future: Theory and Practice in the Visual Arts
The Feminist Future - videos

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