12 April, 2007

wikipedia wars

Who would have thought that Australian women had the vote 60 years before the UK and USA? Similarly, Australian women artists have led the way in feminist art.

I don't, as a norm, cite wikpedia as a reference. ie Wikipedia could be described as knowledge by popular consensus. So even though the information I cited was from there in my recent comment on WACK, I didn't note the source.



Seeking to remedy my ommission, I went back to wikipedia today to discover that the record has apparently
been re-written.

From memory, this is not the page I cited last week.

Whilst I note that the Australian record on wikipedia is largely as yet unwritten, I
also note with concern that the current information presents an unfavourably biased paradigm particularly in relation to indigenous affairs.

with disappointment


The timeline below lists years when women's suffrage was enacted in various places. In many cases the first voting took place in a subsequent year.

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