21 March, 2006

Feminist Actions - Spacement

Feminist Actions
Curated by Veronica Tello

March 16th – 2nd April.
Opening 16th of March 6pm.

Andrew Atchison,

Pia de Bruyn,
Sue Dodd,
Sarah Lynch,
Ashley Mariani,
Alex Martinis Roe,
Ali Sanderson,
Jessie Scott.

At the turn of the century, a new breed of art practitioner is prevalent: those obsessed with power, fame and beauty. Well, in a way…

Feminist Actions presents various subjective, identity-based renditions of past and present cultural symbols such as the cowboy, the debutante, the narcissist and the female rock/pop star. Power, beauty and fame are treated with critical distance in an endeavour to explore current modes of feminist politics in contemporary art and discourse. Ambiguity and playfulness are key themes in Feminist Actions with the title giving an ironic nod to the ‘right-on’ feminist actions of the 1970s.

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