14 November, 2007

red light district

"I turned the corner into an alley and there was a little girl doing cartwheels. There wasn't enough time to get my camera out, so I stood and watched and enjoyed her grace of movement in the slanting afternoon light. In the doorway opposite, a woman stood watched smiled and shared the moment with me. The little girl turned the corner out of sight and the women, returned indoors to sit in her window. It was a normal interaction between two women amused by a child, what was different was that she was in her underwear and a red light was over her window."

Prostitutes and brothels are a traditional art subject, particularly f
or visiting artists. This photographic series documents a personal journey in Amsterdam's red light district in the period 2005 - 2007.

The subject matter includes the women, the streets, the art in the streets and the art inspired by the sex industry.

The series is available f
or exhibition, for more information
blakkbyrd AT yahoo.com.au


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