09 December, 2005

Rosemarie Fiore

Among the works on view are a series titled Gunflake consisting of thirty plus 24" x 18" charcoal rubbings of actual handguns. Fiore uses the handgun as a design element; rubbings of which forms a target like star shaped circle. Contradiction arises when the viewer realizes that potentially violent, metal weapons were used to form an intricate and delicate pattern resembling a snowflake.

Gun Flake (installation), 2002
each drawing:charcoal on Japanese paper. each image 24"x18"

In the series Firework Drawing, Fiore questions the nature of and in certain ways removes the artists hand from drawing when she uses the fire crackers and other explosives as a means of mark-making and random design. In this case a lit firework does the "drawing".

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Death Scene: the Roadrunner is Chopped Up with an Axe, 2004


and more
at ada gallery

'Scrambler Drawings'

This work was created by attaching a paint
sprayer to a "Scrambler" amusement partk ride.

see video of the Scrambler in action


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