20 November, 2006


Where in our adult-run media landscape can critically and politically thinking feminist girls and women, and lesbian, queer and transgender youth from around the globe express their voices without being censored or ridiculed?

It is in self-made, independent zines (short for ‘magazines’) that we put together, publish and distribute ourselves where we freely unfold our own worlds.

In zines such as Bendita (Brazil), Bitch (U.S.), Clit Rocket (Italy), good girl (Canada), Grrrl:Rebel (Malaysia), Pink Punkies (Argentina), and Pretty Ugly (Australia), we talk about our experiences and thoughts, as well as anger and resistance of growing up in a patriarchal and homophobic society.

While forming a global network of grrrl zinesters, we passionately discuss feminist theory, politics and activism and their impact on our lives.

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