05 April, 2007

Women's Series - lectures

We invite you to listen to lectures by and about women, and women's issues, in celebration of the unique perspective women bring to the world.



Art, Women, and Power
Jill Medvedow, director, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

Jill Medvedow discusses the current wave of women artists and trends in the contemporary art world. Are women artists gaining power? Ms. Medvedow has been the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art since 1998. She was previously the Deputy Director for Programs and Curator of Contemporary Art at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; and the founder of Vita Brevis. Her current work involves directing the contemporary arts museum, presenting visual, media and performing arts, teen education, urban park residencies, and exhibitions. Currently engaged in building a new museum on Boston Harbor, the ICA is a $2.2 million organization engaged in civic and cultural issues through the arts.


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