07 May, 2007

The Women of K2

The Women of K2
Jennifer Jordan, producer, CNN

Award-winning journalist and filmmaker Jennifer Jordan shares stories from her research expeditions on The Women of K2.

In 2000, Jordan joined an American expedition of women climbers attempting to summit K2 on the Pakistan-China border.

At 28,250 feet, K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, and is widely regarded as the ultimate climb. Its giant pyramid peak towers in isolation, its sheer icy summit flanked by six equally steep ridges, each presenting climbers with a maze of precipices and treacherous overhangs.

By the turn of the millennium, only 164 climbers, including just 12 Americans, had reached its summit. Of those, only a handful were women. Jordan discusses her forthcoming film and book about the women who pioneered, pursued and perished on this most challenging mountain.

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