17 December, 2006

Australian women's art

The exhibition Beyond the Picket Fence: Australian women's art in the National Library of Australia was held from 8th March to 4th June 1995.

It was opened on the twentieth anniversary of International Women's Day and was one of more than one hundred exhibitions held in Australia in 1995 to celebrate women's activities and creativity.

The idea to hold many exhibitions simultaneously around Australia originated with Professor Joan Kerr and the team compiling a major text devoted to Australian women artists entitled: Heritage: the national women's art book.

The exhibition was successful and received media coverage, including mention on the front page of the local Canberra paper. The exhibition is mounted on the Internet in order to make images from the National Library's collection more accessible to all users of the Net.

Other images from the Pictorial Collection are accessible through the National Library of Australia Information Server.

Professor Joan Kerr is editor of the definitive book on Australian women artists, Heritage: the national women's art book. She and her team of researchers, firstly at the University of Sydney and during 1994 at the University of New South Wales, are the originators and driving force behind the exhibitions focusing on Australian women's art during 1994-95.


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