02 July, 2005


Just found some photos from Rotterdam July 2004

Perceptions of Space Exhibition

Yours truly enjoying the space

Press BULLETIN 11 April 2004

Perception or Space
Mark of Bain, Massimo Bartolini, Ann of veronica Janssens, Ernesto Neto

How becomes space experience? In the international group at tone interview Perception or Space show four artists installations where the sensual perception of space central state. Of 20 May till 1 august 2004 being the elaboration will see in museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

Not only fenomenologische or the optical perception of space plays a role, but likewise the mental and physical perception of it. The artists play an aware game with the parameters of perception by means of a strong interest in optical phenomena and several forms of conscience. Correctly in a time in which the klassieke. relation between people and are physical surroundings direct to strong change liable are by the increasing presence of virtual reality, cyberspace and a overdose to media - experiences, are not it astonishing that artists put importance in the way in which space is experienced.

Perception or Space
show a number of installations in which the relation between the contemplator and him surrounding space plays a central role. The artists use of very several materialen. as slightly, a sound and movement.

Massimo Bartolini
(1962, Cecina)ontwerpt infinite spaces which the physical experience of the visitor on sharpens couples and with that also the mental realisation test. It always concerns at Bartolini?-op -? a relation to the given space. By every architectonic element. door, wall, floor and ceiling. amalgamate to let, the space changes of an external space in an internal experience.

Ann veronica Janssens
(1956, Folkestone) work litterally with the different parameters of perception. They cre?t float situations which appeal directly to our visual capacities and these on the peak hours using light, artifici? miss and other sometimes very simple appliances weet they strong perceptuele responses to bring about. For the size of a complete partition in the Bodonzaal colours are projected in a very high rhythm. Dazzling, na-beelden, duizelingen, speed and delay are impact where Janssens in ge?eresseerd are and the that visitor in a violent manner to pine will experience lijve. Janssens want make it with its work not-perceptible perceptible.

Ernesto Neto
(1964, Rio the Janeiro) for the large middenzaal of museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has made a spatial installation especially. Hundreds of meters nylonachtige substance has been reforged by Neto in a simple but effective manner to antropomorfe volumes. Active from traditional sculpturale main points, weet Neto spaces at cre?n which invite the visitor enter litterally. The organic spaces of halfdoorzichtige and meedeinende substance not only give a strongly sensual perception of this space, but try also provoke experiences concerning the relation between body and spirit. Certain psychological processes become almost physical tangible. Entirely in the tradition of illustere braziliaanse artists such as Helio Oiticica and Lygia Clark, Ernesto Neto its show interest for experimental forms of perception.

Mark of Bain
(1966, Seattle) examines spaces or bldg. on the basis of sounds which in this. audiblely but generally for the ordinary ear inaudible. presently is. Using seismografische - and other technical and reinforce to Bain these sounds on a central point, on zo.n register equipment wise that the sounds do this central point vibrate. Also he couples a laser jet which reflects of this a visual translation to these sound ultrasounds. Bain transform the perception from architectonic space to a fascinerend teamwork of vibrating sound golves in its work and a pulsative laser jet.

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