28 July, 2005

dead cat press

This is the home of DeadCat Press-- a private press dedicated to the creation and dissemination of fine works of photogravure, photography, artistamps and artist's books. With the advance of digital technologies, works on paper made by traditional and more involved processes are being drowned out by new, easier, faster, or cheaper methods. Time-honoured artistic processes such as hand-pulled copper plate photogravure, traditional wet photography, and the use of hand-set lead type in making hand-bound limited-edition artist's books, are worth maintaining and are the main interest of DeadCat Press.

Be sure to visit www.photogravure.ca for information on our new book: Copper Plate Photogravure: Demystifying the Process by D. Morrish and M. MacCallum. Now available from Focal Press.

speaking of dead cats, text below is
from bucket of blood

At another table two eccentrically dressed ARTISTS, CUFF and LINK, talk to an upscale older couple - Cuff has a series of MATTED PHOTOGRAPHS in his hand -

I've heard you can find some cutting edge pieces here if you keep an eye out -

I'd like to find something for our den, something unusual -

Well maybe these works might interest you -

Cuff shows the woman the photographs - she reacts to them with disdain -

POV they are pictures of various ROAD KILLS - squirrels, skunks, possums -

It's our road kill series. I take the pictures.

(proudly) I do the research.

The woman hands back the photographs -

Not quite what I was looking for.

Yes, we're interested in something with some investment potential -

Hey, this is no supermarket, there are no aisles, it's all in the attitude -

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