09 July, 2005

Exhbition How heavy is Black?


The theme for the show was originally inspired by the vastly
contrasting representations of black in the monumental
gravity-defying work of the late Eduardo Chillida and the
diaphanous layered black watercolours of the sculptor
Joachim Bandau.

But the show also includes monochrome

pieces by the master colourists Patrick Heron and Sam
Francis. While Ian McKeever, who has travelled extensively
around Northern Europe, has found it hard sometimes to paint
anything other than black and white, in a sense though he
feels that these are “colourful” paintings.

The show also compares the narrative styles of Alan Davie,
Hamish Fulton and Hernandez Pijuan. The Davie drawings,
with an almost calligraphic sense, are ink on paper filled with
symbols and text imbued with subconscious (Jungian)
meaning; while Pijuan produces rich, reduced, abstracted
representations of his native landscape around Barcelona.
Fulton, as those who visited his major show at Tate Britain
recently will know, represents journeys and a sense of place in
landscape by the use of bold advertising strength text.

Both Bandau and Pijuan are established international artists
whose works are to be found in many museums throughout
mainland Europe and America but whose names may not be
known to many in Britain. In fact this is the first time their work
has ever been seen in London.
Angus Broadbent

25 Chepstow Corner Chepstow Place London W2 4XE

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