11 July, 2005

lelocleprints04, contemporary print triennial

The 1st edition of the "Prix de la ville du Locle" (The Le Locle town Prize) ,a competition dedicated to printed art, was held in 1992. The format of this triennial competition was chosen with the objective of providing a critical panorama of the present trends in the art of engravings and prints.

For the 3rd edition in 1998 the "Prix de la ville du Locle" became an international competition.For each edition, a jury composed 5 professional engravers, selects the works which are presented to the public and awards 4 prizes.Its 5. edition, revised and renamed "lelocleprints04, contemporary print triennial", applies to all artists currently working in any printing processes, whether using traditionnal or contemporary techniques."lelocleprints" intends to promote artistic debate over varied practices related to the realm of printing, whithout imposing limits nor definitions, but rather seeking to put different, yet coexisting projects, in perspective


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