22 July, 2005

opportunity - print exhbition

International Print Exhibition of Croquis Publishing House – 2005.
Croquis Publishing House invites printmakers, majority age, to
participate of International Print Exhibition of Croquis Publishing House –
2005. The exhibitions will take place at Casal de Catalunya- Chacabuco 863-
Buenos Aires-Argentina.

Entry Requirements:

1- Size of paper shall not exceed A4 paper. The theme and technique are
2- Each artist shall submit until 3 works. The works shall be preliminary
submitted to a jury for admission in the contest and exhibition
3- The exhibition shall have place between September 1to 14, 2005.
Finished the exhibition, the artists living at foreign countries will be
contact the Croquis to ask about return of works.
4- Entry fee: the artists will pay 20 dollars to one work and 30 dollars to
two or three works. Entry fee should send by Western Unión or other similar
way. The entry fee is non-refundable.
5- The Judging Panel will be composed by Mr. Martín Gil, Mrs. Rosa Faccaro e
Mr. Osvaldo Mastromauro. The Judging panel can be change if necessary
without previous communication to artists.
6- Awards:
1º, 2º e 3º Print’s awards – Certificate and note inside Croquis magazine.
Honors mentions – The jury reserve the right to give them.
Certificate to all artists.
7- Works should be send by mail to the following address so that they arrive
after July 15 and no later than August 26, 2005:
Adddress: Editorial Croquis
Castelli 941 Dto.4
Ramos Mejía (1704)
Buenos Aires –Argentina
Works must be sent together with entry form fully completed in block
Works must be sent by registers mail, without frames, and as “printed
Matter, bearing the declaration “No Commercial Value.
All insurance costs and shipping expenses incurred during delivery and to
return to artists will be at his/her expense.
The organizers shall not be responsible for any unforeseen loss, theft or
damage incurred during the travel or handling..
8- The artists living at Argentina must be send his/hers works to:
El Casal de Catalunya, Chacabuco 863
They must arrive between august 29 and 30, 15:00 to 18:oo pm.
9- The organizers retains the right to change what will be necessary to be
better as possible.
The artist who participate shall accept all the conditions of the rules of
the International Print Exhibition of Croquis Publishing House – 2005. The
artist have sent the works constitutes the acceptance of the conditions
stipulated in the present rules.

For further information, please contact:
Editorial y Galerías Croquis
Teléfono: 4464-1075

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