16 July, 2005

more smithson

"If a viewer doesn't like looking at a work of art,
they'll never think about the ideas behind it. "

In Mirrors and Shelly Sand, a long pile of sand and pebbles is spread out over 28 feet of gallery floor. Fifty mirrors are placed in the sand, equidistant, throughout the length of the gallery. Looking at the piece, it’s not immediately clear where the actual sand ends, and where the reflection of sand begins.
More on Smithson from ArtsJournal
courtesy of Marja-Leena
the question was raised in relation to Richard Long's chalk line
- how important is the 'hand of the artist' in the constructiion of a work like this?
Mirrors and Shelly Sand was conceived pre 1973 and cannot have been constructed by the artist for this exhibition.

Could one prepare a folio of posthumous works to be realised after one's death?
Compare Andy Goldsworthy

I can't find an image of the work I am thinking about.
It was a gallery installation in sand, similar in shape to this work below.
And I think it may have been installed in a museum. Its in one of the books.

google returned many images of his work including this one

goldsworthy does matisse

- From Marja Leena also this week, duckomenta and the article on
"Graphica Creativa the second oldest international
printmaking exhibition in the Nordic countries."

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