28 July, 2005

hand print studio - york uk

hand PRINT Studio is committed to the research and development of innovative printmaking practice, and offers a programme of intensive workshops dealing with specialist aspects of creative print processes. These workshops are aimed at a wide audience, are suitable for both beginners and more experienced printmakers alike, and cover a wide range of methods and processes in an accessible and informal manner.

Frequent Open Access days are available at extremely cheap rates for artists wishing to take advantage of our printmaking facilities. If you are interested in attending one of these, please consult our Events page for information.In addition to our printmaking facilities, we also offer a variety of graphic services, available to private and corporate clients, including website design and construction, logo design, stationery and letterhead design, artists' cards and photo retouching/renovation.

hand PRINT Studio is located in the charming village of Stockton-on-the-Forest, on the outskirts of the beautiful, historic city of York, and is equipped with all facilities for the needs of the various workshops, boasting two etching presses, plus ample space for plate construction, inking and printing.


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