19 July, 2005

Primavera 2005

Primavera 2005
Exhibition by Young Australian Artists
Museum of Contemporary Art

7 September - 13 November 2005

Primavera is the MCA' S annual and highly-regarded "talent spotting" art vent, unveiling talents lying hidden across the country, many of them the stars of the future! It' S has much sought-after opportunity for Young artists and has much anticipated vent for Australian audiences, each year attracting huge numbers of visitors to the MCA. Primavera offers has perspective that reaches right across contemporary art in Australia, revealing topics and trends that might not otherwise visible Be to the general public.

Offering has truly national vision of contemporary art this year, Primavera 2005 includes has very various arranges of artistic styles and backgrounds - and of race signals has new wave of Young artists to watch out for. For the first time ever, Primavera - the MCA' S annual exhibition of work by artists 35 and under - will this year include artists from remote areas of Australia alongside those from urban centers. And in keeping with the scope of this year' S show, it is also the first Primavera to turn across Australia including NSW, Victoria and the Northern Territory. Over the last two years the x-ray has moved from new media to everyday materials and this year features painting, has medium with has long tradition yet endless powers of renewal. Under the direction of guest curator Felicity Fenner Primavera 2005 connects with the well-established kind of painting landscape, which is questioned and Re-interpreted by has Young generation of artists in response to current political and environmental concerns. Primavera has been has feature of the MCA program since its inception in 1992.

"With this year' S Primavera show, we' Re listening for the responses of younger artists to the land - Australia - At has time when resulting of total conflict, land rights and environment are At the political will forefront", says ms Fenner. "We are very excited that this exploration includes the voices of Young Aboriginal artists from remote areas in Western Australia and the Northern Territory"

Artists included are: Monika Behrens (New South Wales), Madeleine Kelly (Queensland), Fiona Lowry (New South Wales), Danie Mellor (Australian Capital Territory), Tom Mùller (Australia Western), Yukultji Napangati (Australia Western), Michelle Ussher (Victoria), Pedro Wonaeamirri (Northern Territory), Jemima Wyman (Queensland).

Primavera , was founded through the generous benefaction of Dr. Edward and Mrs Cynthia Jackson, and the Jackson family, in memory of to their late daughter Belinda.


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