02 July, 2005

Exhibition - Whistler's Prints

An artist abroad
the prints of James McNeill Whistler
25 March – 10 July 2005

National Gallery of Australia

James McNeill Whistler (born United States 1834) was a key figure in the European art world of the 19th century. Early in his career in Paris, Whistler had befriended some of the artists who were to dominate the French art scene, including Edvard Manet, Fantin-Latour and the writer, critic Charles Baudelaire. The influence of the French Realist tradition, along with Rembrandt and the Dutch school are clearly apparent in the so called the French Set of 1858. A series of twelve beautiful etchings of figure studies and village scenes – it was a remarkable testimony to a talented young artist. The stylistic development over the next twenty years saw Whistler move, however to depicting the more ethereal rather than the everyday.


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